RJS offered by Oklahoma

Submitted by LarryHarrison on February 15th, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Info is behind the paywall. That is his biggest offer to date and I'm sure, as of now, he is going to hold them in high regard. Thoughts?



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I guess I'll just stop posting recruiting info then. I was actually writing a detailed piece on Jaleel Johnson because I have a friend who talks with him quite a bit but I'll just keep these things to myself from now on.



/self deprecation

Chris Horvath

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While I have not posted much on this site, one thing I do know from reading much of the content, is that people do enjoy pulling each others proverbial chains here. I would just encourage you to reply with your own witty banter, and to also keep the information coming. I would be interested in your J. Johnson info as would others I am sure.  Next time, just combine them if you are able and you can avoid those that enjoy rattling your cage.


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Not sure what biggest offer means.  I would put Michigan's offer in the same class as Oklahoma. 

I think the real news is, with the type of offers he is getting.  He is for sure a 4 star prospect and might even be a 5. 


Go Blue Big Fella.  Your parents will be able to see every home game live.




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He's not going to reach 5 star status. Also, OU is his biggest offer. Michigan has been pretty bad the last 3 years and it's been a very long time since M has won a BCS game. OU has been one of the best programs of the last decade and sends players to the NFL (and they're taken early) regulary. Michigan is not on par with OU right now.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There's no doubt that RJS sees a Michigan offer as greater than an Oklahoma offer.

Besides, the Big 12 has been garbage for the last few years. Teams in the B12 are consistently overrated. When Texas is the only game you have to get up for each year, it's not tough to win 10+ games.


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If the Big12 has been garbage then what would you call the BigTen? Nuclear waste perhaps? OU is a storied program with tradition and right now they are leaps and bounds ahead of Michigan. This isn't opinion it is fact. Players drafted, rankings, BCS bowl games, consistently making a run at the MNC every year. It doesn't matter if you think the Big12 is weak because they get an automatic bid and their OSU is making strides in becoming a solid program along with the sleeping giant TAMU. Not too different from the BigTen.

Hardware Sushi

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You're doing one helluva job acting like a gordita douche supreme, then turning around and labling everyone else that calls you on it  a bunch of idiots living in fantasyland where Michigan sucks.

And I couldn't disagree more about the Big 12. That's why our 7-5 Iowa beat 10-2 Missouri, 6-6 Illinois pounded 7-5 Baylor 38-14, and 7-5 NW lost to a 7-5 TT by a touchdown while missing what the Big Ten coaches regarded as the Big Ten's best quarterback. Two of the games occured in Texas, the heart of Big 12 country, and one in Zona, relatively neutral territory. Iowa also beat ISU 35-7 and Illinois lost to Mizzou 23-13 in non-conference play. 

So, no, my facts do not support your garbage claim about the Big Ten being shitty. I would take the Big Ten against the Big Twelve almost any year.

And thanks for pointing out OU has had success with Bob Stoops. Woo.


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Not to mention that OU makes it to a ton of BCS bowls because they beat up on a weak B12 and then lose every BCS bowl unless they play UConn.  They've lost BCS bowls to such super powers as WVU and Boise St, not terrible programs, but you're not really a "BCS" calibur team when you routinely lose to the worst team that qualified for a BCS bowl. 

No doubt Oklahoma is a big time program, but are they bigger than Michigan?  I doubt it.  They've had some solid years over 8 or so years, but nothing about Oklahoma football is better than Michigan.


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But in all seriousness Larry Harrison, do yourself a favor and compare the teams in the Big Ten and the Big 12 side by side (obviously include Nebraska in the Big Ten now) and tell me which is the better conference. 

OSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Penn State (I won't even include UM for bias purposes) is far better than OU, UT, Mizzou, TAMU and OK St. 

Also - we'll see how these conferences look 5 years from now.  The amount of money the Big 10 makes compared to the Big 12 (minus Texas) is crazy and that will start to show very soon.  There's a reason Nebraska and Mizzou were begging to get into the Big Ten and why Colorado left for a much worse geographical fit.  No one wants to be in the Big 12.


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Take it down a notch fella; it seems you're relatively new around here. Perhaps a bit of perspective is indicated. You note that the past three years were something akin to nuclear waste in the B10 and you are correct, Michigan has been terrible. That said, it is possible that programs, elite programs are not judged upon a mere three years. 

Most wins in college football history (884)

Highest all-time winning percentage in college football history (.735)

The most winning seasons (112)

The most undefeated seasons of teams currently competing in Division I-A/FBS (23)

One of only three schools with a winning record against every Division I-A/FBS conference

Tradition, Big House, Woodson, Brady, etc. 

RJS may feel really great about an Oklahoma offer but, to quote one Brady Hoke "this is Michigan, for God's sakes". 


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Personally I am glad to see larry Harrison has been able to take his hand off himself and make a cameo here at MGoBlog.

Other than that I'm not sure what exactly OU has done lately besides lose bowl games to bad teams and underachieve year after year. I guess beating UConn is impressive though. Heck even our sorry D did better than that mighty OU D did against UConn.


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You're actually right. This is his biggest offer and he even says so. Not only that but he says that they are #1 on his list. Don't let these assholes get you down. I've enjoyed some of your sane posts and hope you continue posting.



F.Y.I: Anything posted that doesn't exalt all mighty Michigan will get you flack. It's true most of the time but people are stupid.


p.s Points don't count so don't worry about the negs. Like someone else said, "it's like shootin' blanks".