Rivals/Scouts rankings from Elite 11

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Yes, I know this topic is overplayed.  I just thought it was interesting how much the rankings varied per service.  

Rivals ranked Shane 4th out of 25. 

4. Shane Morris, Warren (Mich.) De La Salle: Morris is at the top because of his high ceiling. He has great size, a cannon of an arm and he has started to show the ability to put more touch on his ball. His long ball didn't sail like it has in the past and no one can sling it where it needs to be faster. The interesting thing about Morris is that while he's learning to drop the ball into spots rather than zip it all the time and learning to throw across his body more, he becomes more impressive. He's no longer just a kid with a hose for an arm, he's becoming a complete quarterback.


Scout ranked Shane 1st out of 25

1. Shane Morris (Michigan) (HD Video)
The biggest arm at the camp, Morris shook off a rough outing on his first day to steadily improve each week. Morris is capable of making throws that only a few in this class can hope to match. Needs to develop better field vision and consistency.


Trent Dilfers Elite 11 and what Rivals/Scout ranked them (as listed per ESPN)

Asiantti Woulard (USF) -             Rivals (1), Scout (3)

Max Browne (USC) -                    Rivals (3), Scout (4)

Christian Hackenberg (PSU) - Rivals (2), Scout (10)

Kevin Olsen (Miami) -                  Rivals (6), Scout (2)

Joshua Dobbs (ASU) -               Rivals (13), Scout  (9)

Johnny Stanton (NEB) -              Rivals (22), Scout (Bot 5)

Malik Zaire (ND) -                        Rivals (7) , Scout (12)

Shane Cockerville (MD) -           Rivals (12), Scout (16)

Jared Goff (CAL) -                        Rivals (9) , Scout (5)

Luke Del Rio (OKST) -                Rivals (17), Scout (18)

Zack Greenlee (none) -              Rivals (24), Scout (Bot 5)




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I agree 100%.  I thought Shane tried to force the ball in too many times and didn't make some throws that he should've.  He did show off that hose for an arm though.  I don't understand how scout put him ahead of Olsen after watching his video (performed noticeably better).  Nonetheless, Shane continues to display how high his ceiling is, which is really all that matters 


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So rivals and scout both have him top 5 but espn doesn't have him in the top 11. I can't wait to watch it when it airs and see how bad Shane did in the classroom if thats what they based his ranking on.


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Shane's supposed "inability" in the classroom is the only thing that I can think of that woud have kept him off from Dillweeds Elite11 list.  I am not too concerned if this is actually the case, but if it is I highly doubt him starting as a true freshman(which may have been a stretch in the first place)


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From reading other sights.....it seems that shanes problem was having the arm to make throws instead of taking the safeway out or the checkdown. To fully understand the elite 11 just look at it as a "play QB like Trent Dilfer" type of camp where the whole purpose is to not make a mistake or take a chance.


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It will be interesting to see Shane's impact not on only the 2013 class but the 2-3 classes after. He's done one helluva job recruiting, creating contacts for this class, but the contacts he's made at camps with younger athletes could provide more than we know yet! Future=bright and stuff.

Go Shane Morris. Go Blue. and fergodsakes Go America. 


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Sam's gut feeling was that perhaps that was one (main) reason Shane was not included in the Elite 11 as he did quite well for all the camp  days.

Looking back, he must have anticipated Penn State penalty and started texting Ross Douglas.


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I wouldn't be. He is a high school kid and is attending all these events looking to improve his game. They are all voluntary ad consume quite abit of his summertime. If he zones out during a camp class to text some girls let him. Need to let them be kids as much as we are focused on them being the future of Michigan football.


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I really hope Woulard sticks with USF.  He already de-committed once, checked out other schools, then recommitted.  He should know what is out there by now. 


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I would like to remind everyone that Rivals/Scout have a vested interest in making Michigan fans happy, since Michigan has a huge fan base. Trent Dilfer, on the other hand, has nobody to impress. He may not be right that Woulard is the best guy, but he's more impartial than the guys selling subscriptions to us.


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Although that's true, both services also have a vested interest in being accurate.  Fans go back to old lists and look at how accurate these sites are.  Hell, these sites do the same thing to themselves from time to time. 

So they can pander to the big fanbases to an extent, but if they do it too much they'd lose their credibility, which doesn't make those fanbases happy anyway.


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But people have also been saying that Dilfer had Matt Barkely unranked at this event.  If that is true, Dilfer's rankings don't necessarily translate to college success.  I really get the feeling that Dilfer's rankings are based mostly on how responsive the kids were to his tutoring. 


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No rating system is going to be perfect. I'm not saying Dilfer is infallible. All I'm saying is he has less of a reason to be biased. And while the recruiting sites have to maintain credibility, I don't think many fans will check there for Elite 11 rankings 4 years down the road - they'll check the official Elite 11 rankings, just like numerous people have been doing in the last week.


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So why did they rank Johnny Stanton so low given that Dilfer gave him very high marks? Nebraska is also a huge fanbase.

They rated the USF kid very high despite a small fan base.

They rated the uncommitted guy very low despite the fact that uncommitted recruits generate more buzz if they are highly rated.

It's always good to be cyncial but sometimes you need to call a spade a spade, and I think Dilfer is the clear outlier here compared to literally everybody else who evaluates talent.


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Plus, this whole camp is an ESPN production and Dilfer is an ESPN employee, out of which they are going to create a TV special.  And of course, ESPN has its own rankings paysite.  So it would seem that they also have a vested interest in keeping the fans of one of the largest fan bases in the world happy.  Your argument does not compute.

Maybe they think that by contradicting the ranking of other analysts, they will entice viewers to tune in an watch what happened... but not this viewer.  I only would have watched if Morris was ranked.


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And Dilfer, while knowing a lot about football, may not be a good coach, nor a good scout. I dont think anybody knows how good Dilfer is at scouting high schoolers. You make a valid point about these sites, but they also have a reputation to uphold in a very competative market. However, Dilfer owes allegiance to nobody, and can play favorites in his own way.


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I really don't understand this reasoning because if you're going to upgrade Michigan recruits to pander to their fanbase, you're probably going to have to do so at the expense of Bama, OSU, USC, Nebraska, PSU, Florida etc etc recruits.


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it seemed like people who played the way Dilfer played in the league got higher marks. Like some said earlier, if you do it the way he wants then you get a "high" mark. 

I mean it's not like all QB's play the same way and therefore shouldn't be taught to be played like a certain average qb in the league.

Again Trent Dilfer has forgotten more about the QB spot then I will ever know but even he has to know that all kinds are different and if they have the ability to make throws they are simply going to do that.

Rawls NTR

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I don't think anyone should be concerned about Shane missing the official Elite 11 cut. Looking at previous winners, although there are some standouts on the list, making the list is by no way indicative of your future. Just look at 2009 - these guys should be among the best QBs in the nation right now, but they haven't done much and most have transffered at least once:


Blake Bell, Oklahoma (2011 Insight Bowl Offensive MVP)

Joe Boisture, Michigan State to Retired

Robert Bolden, Penn State

Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Barry Brunetti, West Virginia to Mississippi

Devin Gardner, Michigan

Jake Heaps, BYU to Kansas (2010 New Mexico Bowl MVP)

Austin Hinder, California

Nick Montana, Washington to Mt. San Antonio College

Jesse Scroggins, USC to El Camino College

Phillip Sims, Alabama to Virginia

Chandler Whitmer, Illinois to Butler Community College to Connecticut


July 24th, 2012 at 6:30 PM ^

Thats also known as the worst year for QBs in the rivals era. I think there was like 1 or 2 QBs in the top 100 and none were 5 stars. I don't think anyone is too surprised that not too many have panned out


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A couple of things:

The Elite 11 is not chosen by Trent Dilfer alone.  It is a collaborative effort of all the QB coaches at the event.  It is inaccurate and unfair to blame Dilfer alone if you disagree with Shane being left out of the Elite 11. 

The Elite 11 is a "process-oriented" camp, and from what I've read, Shane is a "results-oriented" QB prospect at this point (not a good thing). 

Good process + Good result = Expected.

Good process + Bad result = Bad Luck.

Bad process + Bad result = Expected.

Bad process + Good result = Luck.

From what I've heard and read, Shane made a ton of good throws at the camp but repeatedly went to the wrong place with the ball.  It may have looked good to some scouts but not the coaches.  Making a throw to the wrong place is generally NOT what you want a QB to do even if his physical skills will sometimes allow him to get away with it.  When you have success by making the wrong decisions and reads, you are typically getting lucky.  I think that's what happened here at least from the coaches' point of view.  This is what I've read anyway.  I'm sure it will not change opinions.