Rivals view of NSD & Michigan

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Hope he likes snow. haha
Harbaugh is flat killing it...thank god someone in the big ten
hopefully start pounding tOverated State University. The big ten is becoming a much more respected conference, good for them!


It is hard to understand why he would want to play in frozen Michigan with a team with much less prospect of playing for the NC
hope he enjoys that freezing weather up there. Pack some thermal underwear. He's going to need it, while our guys are practicing in shorts 
His loss! Now he's going to be playing for a jerk of a head coach who lies to recruits and rips scholarships away! Plus last I checked Michigan has other problems like punting and getting past Iowa, Michigan state and Ohio state ha-ha! Yet Clemson plays the near the most freshman in NCAA, has a Heisman contender, and looks to play for the natty again! Thus you would have publicity! Congrats on his decision but I don't think in my opinion it was the smartest! Either way look at it this way we have signed 2 5star def lineman in 2 straight years without him hahaha! His loss 


B1G Media Days will be fun this year. There will surely be many questions regarding Harbaugh's recruiting techniques. A lot of disapproval out there so I wouldn't be surprised if something is addressed by either the B1G or NCAA. So many decommits and shady practices.
Fuck *ichigan.
He is extremely awkward in any social situation.  I really don't know how he keeps his shit together with these recruits and connects with them. But...he pulled in a good class somehow.  Some of it is probably the allure of bringing Michigan back to prominence but some of it HAS to be Hairbum right?



Until he finds out harbaugh gave his scholarship to someone else and wants him to walk on.

I'm starting to hate Harbaugh more than Urban Meyer

Franklin continues to be spanked by Harbaugh. Franklin’s ego……..trending down.

This is all a "Harbaugh" fad going on right now. My bet is that this wears off by next season.



damn, did UM Win the Super Bowl? You'd fucking think so on every outlet today. Even BTN's social media can't shut up about Harbaugh

Gee, I hope none of the paycheck for Gary's former high school coach ended up in Gary's pocket.

Michigan spring practices are gonna be held at IMG Academy. I dont even get how thats allowed. That school is LOADED in talent

Who has two thumbs and just signed a top 5 recruiting class?  This guy:



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Is that this years recruiting class is ranked no higher than 3 of Hokes last 4. UM has always had the advantage of great recruits. Fans would like to try and act as if suddenly something is better or different on the recruiting front but the truth is Hoke & Company recruited every bit as good, if not better than this years class. Difference is Hoke didn't have to sleep in anybody's room on the floor to do it. So that's one truth.

Another Hard Truth is the folks at OSU could care less what UM does, they have been curb stomping UM year in, and year out, since this years recruits were 4-5 years old. Every year UM talks about how it's going to be different, then come November it's 42-13. And it was 42-13 with UM having a top 10 recruiting class 3 of the last 4 years. OSU is a program that is at a completely different level than UM. It will be as long as Urban Meyer is the HC. There is nothing UM can do to change it. UM fans will argue that point, but Meyer is 4-0 in 4 tries against UM. Hard Truth.

Another Hard Truth is every off season UM fans act like it everything above didn't happen. UM is not OSU or Bama. We have seen what happens when UM plays them.

Picktown GoBlue

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I once was parent helper for grade school teacher with OSU degree. Had to correct her horrible grammar and spelling in her newsletter. You sir appear to have an even lower ability with the English language, if the truth be told. Only "an idiot" would miss the irony in your incessant posts.


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Now just imagine being Deshaun Hand and sitting in your dorm at UM watching Alabama Win another NC. Kid made the right choice.
As far as Gary goes only time will tell. But odds of Clemson playing for a NC next year is much higher than UM. UM hasn't even won its division in about ten years I think.

San Diego Mick

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Of all the fanbases I've encountered, USC fans remind me of our fans the most. They're classy, knowledgable and don't go walking around with an inferiority complex.

They're educated and confident even when times might be tough like we can attest to recently but not now and moving forward.

UCLA fans on the other hand, not impressed by them, some cool folks but too much bitterness in that fanbase.


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I don't know about all of that. There are some similarities, sure. But I think the differences are more vast. The overall level of fandom among SC fans is far below Michigan fans. Almost all of the SC fans I know out here think it's crazy how "into" football my Michigan friends, family and I are. Like that we watch absolutely every game and we wear Michigan clothes during it and we buy our kids Michigan apparel every year. That's over the top for them. Most SC fans I know catch most of the games (the big games) and will own one, maybe two, pieces of SC apparel. They are unlikely to have a bunch of SC stuff scattered around their house like I do with Michigan stuff. And if they've got stuff going on on Saturday during the SC game, they'll totally catch the second half or something.

It's a much milder fandom than any Michigan fans I know.


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when i lived in socal and bo wasn't winning bowl games it was frustrating to play the PAC 10 teams and lose in their back yard, but never have the chance to play them in november in Ann Arbor, in the snow.

given that the TV money is what now controls the bowls and not the city/stadium where  the game is played nearly so much, it would seem you really could move some of the bowls north.  can you imagine the shift in results over some period of years if they started to play the bowls in places like soldier field, veterans stadium, foxboro, or even cleveland in january?  

think of how many of those frustrating 4 and 7 point losses by us or any other B10 team would flip the other way.   not to mention the stats someone put up last year about the average miles b/w campus and the bowl game for teams from the SEC was on the magnitude of 1/3rd or maybe 1/4 as much as the B10 had to travel.