Rivals staff predictions: Michigan vs. WMU

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Game previews from the staff of TheWolverine.com, pretty entertaining.

"Ace "The Intern" Anbender: In a stunning turn of events, Michigan forfeits their opening game in a desperate effort to finish the week with less than 20 hours of work. The Detroit Free Press reports that Rich Rodriguez is a "sissy" and calls for his resignation. In a totally unrelated note, Justin Boren is hired to be the Freep sports editor."

Although it sounds like sort a cheap shot was taken, I'll let you be the judge.

"No cheering in the press box Getting credentialed is easy these days ? plenty of seats, not many news organizations left to fill them. So start a blog - you, too, can be a reporter (but please, no running down the aisles and high-fiving everyone on press row).

There is, however, no rule against booing that we know of."




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nice link, also of note:

Jonathan Chait: Michigan rolls up more than 300 yards on the ground. The defense pressures Hiller, but gives up numerous big plays as the linebackers struggle in pass coverage. Tate Forcier looks very solid, and Kelvin Grady emerges as his go-to receiver.

Carlos Brown runs for two touchdowns, one a 77-yarder in which he bowls over a diving Detroit Free Press columnist who has jumped onto the field. Tomorrow's headline: "MICHIGAN FOOTBALL PLAYER BRUTALIZES JOURNALIST; RECIPROCITY SEEN AS MOTIVE; Columnist Could Have Made Tackle If Brown Hadn't Beefed Up From Illegal Weightlifting"

I'm new here -- if every single thing I say comes true, what do I win?

Michigan 41, Western Michigan 24

Blue boy johnson

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I think Carlos goes for 200 tomorrow. My bold ass prediction in the wrong thread.
I hate picking M games. I just can't pick them to lose, even if I think they are going to lose (rare), I hold on to the thought that somehow they will pull out a W.


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They were very positive about our chances.

Not to jinx anything, but I think we should win tomorrow. It'll be a good MAC offense and bad MAC defense against a decent B10 offense and a bad B10 defense. I'm thinking shootout.


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Can we please lay off the Rosen-bile for while. The gallery has spoken (and spoken) on this issue, and now it's all in the hands of able investigators. They'll sort things out relatively soon (hopefully). Why not just defer to the wheels of justice now? Until we know everything definitively -- and unless someone here unearths additional facts -- doesn't an endless stream of Rosen-bile undermine itself, allowing the anti-RR camp to dismiss the writers herein as a typical pack of screaming blogospheric extremists? If the investigation exonerates RR, there will be plenty of time for righteous howls. Meantime, though, what say we keep it to football?

OSUMC Wolverine

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Route of epic proportions and we jump to #5 as we are entitled to in the preseason pole and all is as it should be. The difference being we wont sit on leads and will hold on to the ranking instead of blowing it in the first two weeks. Forcier will lead the Big Ten in passing efficiency, and we will average in the neighborhood of 300 yards per game on the ground. Our defense gives up only 1 big play per game now that Stevie Brown will not be allowed to play safety...EVER EVER EVER. We will beat Ohio State and re-establish ourselves as the premier program in the Big Ten. TP will cry himself to sleep for the next few years wishing he hadnt been a tool and chosen Michigan instead of TUOOS, not that he would have been a qb because Tate is going to be the best thing since sliced bread. He could have made a good 3rd string TE for us though. The new movie industry in Michigan will make the Michigan equivalent of Rudy and will set all kinds of box office records documenting the most unlikely national title run in history. All of Freep's staff will take jobs at the Columbus Dispatch and go about their habit of trashing the local team...of course this will now be acceptable and humerous. And of course, RR will win his counter-claim in this whole promisory note issue and use the $30 million to build his new mansion and open a school of journalism with a focus of accurate data collection and ethics.


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This is the first time, in a long time, that I have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow. I almost feel like watching the game in bed, and peer at the TV from under the covers. If something bad happens, I can smother myself with my own pillow.


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I feel like I might be a liability watching this seasons games in public. I know everytime Graham eats a QB or Minor knocks a linebacker over like a bowling pin I'm going to unleash a primal scream from my gut and be left panting with spittle on my lips and bloody joy in my eyes.

This can't happen soon enough.