Rivals NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

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THJ checks in as the #7 SG but he is our only rep. 

The freshmen field seems to be pretty deep this year so I won't call Burke a snub, although I do expect him to show on the freshmen list eventually, but I am quite surprised that Beilein was overlooked.



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Next year we should have (hopefully) a Junior THJ, a sophomore Trey Burke, and a stud freshman Mitch McGary on that list.

Timmy, stick around and be a part of something really special.


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A couple things strike me from these power rankings

*How is Jordan Taylor the #1 PG in the country at the moment? He's been horrible(12PPG, 39%fg) compared to what was expected of him.  Wayns and Holloway belong in front of him, and maybe Marshall as well.

*No shame in THJ being 7th in the SG rankings.  All of 1-6 have a claim to being in the early season Naismith talk. 

*Indiana C Cody Zeller checks in at 18th in the Center rankings.  I think he's a little low considering a few of the guys in fron of him.  Zeller is with little doubt the man to beat for B1G Freshman of the Year.


Victim of my own lack of thoroughness, and the OP not putting in his work. Oh well.


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See that nice little combination of numbers and symbols in the lower left hand corner of the page. It is a date.

Last updated: 11/7/2011

Also, note the lack of movement between players. Definitely just their initial rankings before the season got going in earnest.


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No apologies though.  This board had other things to discuss the past month..... Important things, such as Jerry Sandusky and Urban Meyer.  If this was brought up before, it was quickly buried.  Additionally, nothing that I said changes.  I won't be surprised to see Burke on the next ranking and I am surprised not to see Beilein on the initial ranking.

Snarkiness acknowledged.

Nacho Mama

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Besides maybe Brad Stevens, is there a coach who does as much with his roster than Belein accomplishes with his players, year in and year out?  

Burke's play in Maui was incredible. To have a freshman step up the way Burke did, and keep  a level head on that stage shows how big time this guy is going to be.   Clear some space for Belein and Burke. They will get their due.