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You'll need to undergo full-body decontamination if you read more than two pages of the comments.

Isn't it interesting how Rodriguez's exact terminology -- "We're all anxious..." (meaning, quite logically, that everyone is pent-up with discussions of phony scandals, and can't wait for real football to begin) -- is transposed into, "Rodriguez is... nervous."

Is that permissible "spin" by a reporter, or is that simply a lie?

The reporter is Larry Lage, the AP sports stringer in Detroit.  Lage is, if I am not mistaken, a former State Journal sports reporter.  Not sure if he went to MSU; it probably is of little importance in any event, since a reporter's having graduated from Michigan (Rosenberg, Snyder, Sharp) is not indicative of much of anything in the newspaper business.

Anyway, it would be nice if somebody could ask Lage where he got any indication that Coach Rodriguez said that he was "nervous."  That's Lage's word; nervous.

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That is why I had to come to MGoBlog, reading any comments on ESPN makes you go crazy at the un-informed diatribe that is spewed by everyone. Also I have trouble understanding what half of those people are even trying to say because nobody seems to know how to spell which doesn't seem that hard to do in a one sentence rant.

(tip of the hat to all the grammer nazi's on MGoBlog that keep this place on a higher level)


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Anxious could mean (per Google "define:"):

1) eagerly desirous

2) causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

If Rich Rod cares enough about how the media can spin every little word he emits, he'll avoid such ambiguous terminology in the future. But, on the otha hand, if he doesn't care, then more power to him.

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He must have known which usage it was that Rodriguez intended; Lage chose just one of two rather different meanings.

Like I say, it would just be nice to ask Lage the pointed question, and get his own effing answer.  For the record.

I'm with you on RR; I hope he is way beyond caring anymore what the bottom-feeders of the sports media are writing about him.


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Just imagine what Lage and the Freep would be writing if RR said he was calm and had no worries? "Rodriguez Oblivious to Danger"... "Rodriguez Smiles While UM Squirms"... "Rodriguez Happily Chokes Kittens Before NCAA Meeting"


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I was in my first job interview out of college, at a newspaper in Dallas. I was a journalism major. In my letter to the editor, I had written "I am anxious to meet with you."  In a very off-handed way (this is 20 + years ago), he corrected me and told me what I really meant was "eager." As a potential writer, I was fairly mortified, and didn't get the job. 

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Heck yeah, he's anxious to get on the stand and go all Nicholson in a Few Good Men....he's going to show these doofi the HARD EDGE whilst HOLDING THE ROPE. After ten minutes of his testimony, these guys will SPOT THE TRUTH.