Rivals Headline Re Derrick Green (Good)

Submitted by jbibiza on December 10th, 2012 at 9:34 AM

The front page headline on Rivals: "Green says Michigan has the edge."

Sam Webb has been saying that we are the team to beat for sometime, but this is the first time that Green has confirmed that status.  We can definitely use both him and Deveon Smith to bolster a shaky RB situation (especially if Fitz cannot come back to full strength).



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I'd really like a Hello post soon from one of the big names left on our recruiting boards. It seems like we only get Goodbye posts recently. I guess this is the price we pay for an 8 commitment day in early spring.


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He didn't have a meltdown, he just tried to trick the very smart-witted mgoblog community. He created 2 new accounts. With the first one he created, he tried to make sure everyone knew it was him and that he was posting again. He used the second account to downvote the first one and act like he was a normal member even though it said he joined 30 minutes prior. 

turd ferguson

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With the information that I'm picking up across the services (few of which I actually subscribe to), I'm getting the sense that our probabilities on the big three are about:

  • Green - 50% (biggest threat: Ole Miss?)
  • McQuay - 40% (biggest threat: Vanderbilt)
  • Treadwell - 10% (biggest threat: Ole Miss)

That would put us solidly at one expected commitment from this group.

Is that roughly what others are thinking with those probabilities?


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I hate my cynical nature, but you constantly have recruits that do not have Ole Miss on their radar at all, and then all of a sudden as they get close to decision time . . . up pops Ole Miss. 

The longer a recruit takes to make a decision, the greater the odds of Ole Miss sneaking in and "influencing" that decison at the 11th hour.  Yeah, they have pretty girls and the Grove, but they had them in February too.

It may just be nothing, but I am so jaded by CFB, and the SEC in particular, that I can't see the Rorschach test in other more benign ways. 


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I would put McQuay lower than 40%, because there are a few teams still heavily in the mix.  But really, there's not much of a difference between kids who are 30 and 40 and 50%.

I get the feeling that Auburn and Tennessee's chances were really hurt by the coaching changes, because neither of those guys is going to run a pro-style offense, which Green wants to play in.


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I don't know why.  These kids have offers from USC, Alabama, Florida, and other similar schools.  Those schools have already been eliminated or are about equal in the pursuit of these players.  We're not in any worse of a situation in regard to these specific recruits (although our recruiting class might not be as good overall).


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It does seem like a random mix, it isn't like these potential recruits are choosing between three very similar schools.  If anything, they're just have a smorgasboard of random schools they seem to throw out.  One private high quality acdemic school from the west coast with a good football program, a terrible public academic school with a mediocre team, a good private school in the south with a bad program, a par academic school from the East Coast with an average program.  It all just seems so arbitrary.



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I can see why he'd at least be interested in Vandy, one of the rare schools that has both good academics and a solid, exciting football program. That being said, Vandy's never gonna be a first-tier SEC team. And although it's close to the Nashville music scene, the latter is still largely country. Additionally, Vandy is a very prim, socially conservative place. Michigan trumps Vandy in most areas, except weather.


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Maybe it trumps Vandy in most areas for YOU. However, Vandy obviously is a place he greatly likes. People on this board need to understand that different people like different things. Obviously we all feel strongly about UM, but we need to accept that other people don't view it in the same way as us.

SC Wolverine

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This is true.  But Vandy is a very boring school and most of their students wish they went somewhere else (only there are few academic options nearby).  I enrolled in Vandy before flipping my committment to Michigan.  There is no comparison at all in terms of the college experience.  I am so glad I did not go to Vandy.  Leon should read this and Go Blue.

State Street

December 10th, 2012 at 1:51 PM ^

I don't follow recruiting closely but I was totally surprised when I read that this kid was hyping up Nashville because of his desire to be a musician.  Sweet, I thought.  The next Gary Allen or Eric Church could potentially play at Michigan. 

But this dude really thinks Vandy's proximity to Nashville will help him become a rap artist?  Vandy is an excellent school but that seems like the last reason anyone would want to go there.

814 East U

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Not rap artist but producer. I agree with you though. I am not so sure the people of Nashville want hip hop music to flood the area. That is like when people reference Detroit for Motown. This isn't the 1960s anymore, you have a better shot to be a musician by posting on YouTube than living in a certain place IMO.


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From a pure numbers standpoint:

Ole Miss's top wide receiver: 60 catches, 948 yards, 10 touchdowns
Ole Miss's top running back: 828 yards, 6 touchdowns

Michigan's top wide receiver: 40 catches, 684 yards, 2 touchdowns
Michigan's top running back: 514 yards, 5 touchdowns

It's not like Michigan is really lighting the world on fire offensively.  And whether we like it or not, the SEC is a superior conference.  Also, the weather's nicer, Treadwell has a former teammate at Ole Miss, etc.


December 10th, 2012 at 11:38 AM ^

i played HS football in kentucky....and those summer practices sucked, so the nicer weather thing doesn't really make any sense to me. I personally loved playoff time when it got cold, but that could just be me. I know the SEC is a better conference, but it isn't because of Ole Miss or Vandy. These kids have a chance to play for one of the most storied programs ever with a great bunch of surrounding recruits, play for a B1G championship and maybe a NC in the new playoff system, and get national TV coverage. Or they could become a very good player on a middling SEC team that will probably never break through to a national championship or even an SEC championship......the choice seems obvious to me, but I'm a Michigan fan, so whatever.