Rivals has high praise for Stephen Schilling

Submitted by Smitty D on February 2nd, 2010 at 11:20 AM

26. OL Stephen Schilling, Michigan
BUZZ: Schilling, who redshirted as a freshman, is a three-year starter for the Wolverines. He started at tackle in 2007 and '08 before moving to guard this season. He should be one of the best guards in the Big Ten in 2010 and could contend for All-America honors.

All-American?? we will see



February 2nd, 2010 at 1:32 PM ^

Ideally left tackle would be Omameh, but right now it's looking like LT will be manned by Dorrestein. This could definitely change after the spring, but going into the spring Omameh will probably be starting out at RG. Huyge will most likely stay at RT. If Omameh could step up immediately and get all the first team reps in the spring at playing LT, that would make me very happy. The more experience each of our O-linemen can get at each specific position the better. I'm sick of seeing our linemen moved around like they're playing musical chairs. We need to find one specific arrangement on the two-deep and stick with it. It will build cohesion and unity on the O-line and make things much easier if there are any injuries like there were last year.


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I can still vividly remember Juice Gholston treating Schilling like his new cellmate and the epic failure against Illinois last year where he was pushed into Carlos Brown--leading to one of the most depressing games I've ever witnessed. That being said, I'm willing to forgive (not forget), provided he follows through on that whole "All American" thing.


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Let's not forget that even Jake Long was abused by Gholston in that 2007 game against OSU. Schilling shouldn't have even been on the field as a redshirt freshman against Gholston, let alone the fact that he had a bum shoulder the previous year and couldn't lift weights.


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They're not overrating Schilling's performance. They said nothing about how well he's played. They simply said that he's been a three-year starter, which is a factual - and accurate - statement. The kid has started every single game since the 2007 season began, I believe.