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Submitted by GunnersApe on June 24th, 2010 at 10:14 AM

I was looking for my daily football fix/methadone, and came across these free stories from Rivals. Neither story is glowing but were 72 day away from "the most wonderful time of the year".

Story on Denard & Cam:


Nugget on Obi:


Nothing new or informative but it's something to read at work.  


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Here is my current project:


If you don't want to read it. I have to get all my ”Freakin Laser Beams" off my weapons in my area of responsibility and scrape the passages off then re-site in the weapons with another "freakin laser beam". We can't go around shooting Albert Qaeda with Jesus guns, were not allowed to be offensive when we deal lead.  ;)  


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...about Ezeh's back injury widely known?  I don't recall it being discussed here, but I could be wrong.

Ezeh struggled through back problems for much of last season, which lends credence to the notion that he could bounce back if he stays healthy.


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In regards to the Robinson/Gordon article:

No, Robinson probably won't reach the level of success that Pat White did his sophomore year but I still think he's going to turn some heads and shock a lot of people.  If he can learn (and I think he already has) to tuck and run instead of throwing up an errant duck, he can really be a dynamic player.

Gordon, on the other hand, is straight up over-hyped.  I love the kid's attitude and his combination of size and speed but at this point it's unfair to expect him to make a massive impact.  With time he very well could be a lights-out safety but with the lack of experience and switch over from wide receiver, it's going to take some time for him to develop.