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Submitted by jbibiza on July 18th, 2011 at 5:22 PM

Speculation abounds given the numbers we are recruiting for 2012.  I hadn't thought of Brennan to TE, but with two rush ends in this class??  Clark seems too light for WDE - I think he could be a TE or SAM.  Moving Hayes to WR seems like a possibility (wherefor art thou Devin Lucien?).  I like keeping Morgan at Mike, but our recruiting indicates a possible different path.  




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1. I think Desmond Morgan is going to be a stud at the Mike. Moving him to FB is a waste of talent. Walkons can bust skulls from the 3, not all walkons on read a play sideline to sideline and smash the ball carrier.

2. With the class coming in, I definetly think some of the LBs are going to move, and I could see frank clark moving to FB. 

3. Antonio poole is not going anywhere. 

Beyer to TE makes sense, however TEs have ot be able to catch and block.  And I like both Funchess AND Barnett more than his upside there... his potential as a WDE is higher than at TE i think. Come 2012, we wil have both Barnett and Funchess for 2 TE spots.. depending on Williams position.

I dont know if I like Raymon or Thomas at WR, mostly because we have slot WRs to glory on the roster.. I think that move should come depending on the type of WR we sign in this class.

If its Madaris, we shouldnt move them

If its Payton Stanford or Burbridge thats a good move. 



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Beyer was a pretty good pass catcher in high school, so I bet he could do it well for us. It makes WDE thin for 2012, but that might be OK.

My stance on Morgan is keep him at MIKE if he's starting, FB if he's not.

It might not be a bad idea to move one of our DBs to wr, but we don't have to.


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Beyer has more upside at WDE and we'll need him there for 2012 depth. If any of our WDEs played some TE I'd pick Pharoah Brown, just because he played QB/TE in High School and has been doing great in 7on7 this summer. Even though he has so much upside at WDE, he's also one of the best receiving targets in the last 2 classes so far. Talent at MIKE is thin, but yeah, we have enough incoming DB's to move 1 if they look promising.

Sac Fly

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Tamani carter moving to WR is almost a guarantee, he's got decent size for the position and with the WR depth he could see the field in a few seasons. He's most likely going to be buried at corner on the depth chart for along time.


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Carter was mentioned at the signing day press conference as a FS, which is where Brian predicted he'd end up. There isn't the depth at FS as there is at CB, at least not until the class of 2012 arrives.


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Even when the class of 2012 arrives we still won't have much FS depth.  Vinopal was the only true FS on our roster last year, and he's gone.  Carvin Johnson, who is supposedly the FS starter this fall was playing as a pseudo-linebacker last fall and is probably more of a SS than FS but the closest thing to a FS we have.  If Carter moves, in 2012 we have Carvin Johnson and a true frosh as our FS depth.  Jarrod Wilson looks like a very good player, but still, not enough depth to warrant a position change.


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I'm not saying he can't play it, but there's a reason he started out last season at the spur and Cam at FS and not the other way around.  I think he'll do a fine job there, but that wasn't really the point.  The point was more that other than him, there's not much.


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I don't think any of the WR "prospects" would make the jump, we need safetys more than we need WRs, and Hayes is too short I guess, but i`m certain that there wil be movements, just because of numbers

In some other news congrats to TomVH for his new gig, I saw a tweet a few minutes ago that suggests that, MGoBlog is proudCaptura de pantalla 2011-07-18 a las 16.53.52.png





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You don't want to waste scholarships at FB, but you see Frank Clark moving there?
<br>I think Morgan will be a good Mike, but I think he is better suited for FB than Clark.


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Yeah, if Clark moves to O I think he's more of an H-back type than a true fullback.  Frank Clark was a receiver on his HS team (a very good high school team) and lots of schools recruited him at TE so it's safe to assume he's got the pass catching part down, and since he was brought in as a LB he probably has the physicality as well. 


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The fact that this article starts out by implying that they know better than the coaches what's best for the team is ridiculous.


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A Stonum redshirt would take care of a lot of things.  It would give him a year to get his head on straight, do rehab, fulfill his debt to the legal system, and basically whatever he needs to do.  It would satisfy the need for consequences while giving him a chance to redeem himself to the current staff and possibly save himself from a downward spiral.  And, of course, it would bring another experienced WR back next year.  



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Counterpoint:  It would also limit our recruiting class by one guy.  I'm not saying that's a reason not to do it, but with the talent we're pulling in, maybe it's time to think for the future rather than one more year with a guy who hasn't proven he can keep himself in line. 


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Bo had a small tailback recruit in the late 80's and moved him to receiver.  That worked out pretty well.  A guy by the name of Desmond...


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Hayes to WR seems like a no brainer to me.  He's speedy, has good hands and above average physicality for a WR.  What he lacks in height he makes up for in speed and moves.  Especially if we sign another big back in the class, he'll have a tough time seeing the field there.  But at receiver, he'd be the only one in his class.

Desmond was 5'10", Manningham was 5'11", I don't see any problem with Hayes at WR.