Rivals 5* Challenge OL-DL video: Hand, McDowell

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McDowell has an early rep and the last rep: beats his guy off the edge on the first one, plays too tall and gets stonewalled on the second.  I thought he was pushing 280?  Sure as heck doesn't look it; looked VERY fit.

Hand was a monster. Yeah, without pads these drills mostly favor the DL, but holy crap.  Blew by one guy off the edge, and more impressively, bull-rushed a very good interior lineman (Mama out of South Carolina).  

The first few reps were of Bars stoning a DE (Carter?).  And there are also good clips of Demetrius Knox (tOSU leads?) standing up Andrew Brown.  Apparently, Knox did a lot of filmwork re; Brown hah.



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I'm pretty sure McDowell is closer to 300.  He was probably the biggest guy at that event.  There is no way a human that big should be able to move like that.  Normally you see 6"6 300 you're thinking OT, not a DE.  And as the OP noted, it doesn't look like bad weight at all.  If he can learn to stay low consistently, my god.

Space Coyote

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He's actually looked a bit out of shape. I think when he gets to a campus the strength program is going to try to get him back down to about 280 before building him back up. Good chance he ends up at 3-tech regardless at this point though. Quick first step, but is better in small areas, with quick rip moves typically his go to. Could move to 5-tech when Michigan goes big across the line, but he will certainly play 3-tech I believe at least on passing downs. He doesn't look as fluid out on the edge, which you wouldn't expect someone that size to be.


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It has been a while since we have had a guy like that.  He is a stud and makes everything look easy...he's just so athletic.  McDowell looks like he's moving well and is a very big guy, but I can't exactly say he looks fit.  He looks a little soft in terms of body composition.  He seems like he can carry that and still move well and I'm sure his body composition will improve in college, but I wouldn't look at him and say he looks "VERY fit".


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I can't really argue with what you expected, but I wouldn't look at him and think fit, and definately not "VERY fit".  Guys like Hand, Ferns, Peppers, etc. absolutely look fit.  That is what I would think of as fit, regardless of height, weight, or age, because they all the same age but vary in heights and weights, yet they all have excellent muscle tone and a low body composition, McDowell does not.  That doesn' t make him any less of a quality player or less desirable, but he just doens't jump out at me as "VERY fit" that's all.


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That makes sense if he hasn't had much conditioning work lately.  I'm sure he'll improve his body composition quite a bit when he gets with Wellman and the staff.  He looks like a guy that can be challenged to keep weighht off versus a guy that is challenged to put on weight.  I think he looks a little soft in the midsection and lower body in that video and most of the pictures I've seen of him.  But, he's a big kid too so it's not all that surprising.  I'm sure he'll be fine once he gets on the S&C program and wind up being quite strong & explosive as a big fella.  He seems similar in stature to Van Bergen but more explosive.


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He's gonna be real explosive around 290-295. He's real strong right now and was becoming very explosive before the ankle and was at 299. He'll be with me all summer and he'll definitely be conditioning. Kids a great athlete

Eastside Maize

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First time poster here. With the recruits we are getting and are in on it will be no time until our pass rush will be like the 2006 squad year in and year out.


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I thought Hand's sweatband had a block M on it... got all fired up until I went back to double check and it was just the under armour logo.  Doh!