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I debated putting this in the Rivals 100 thread, but this is good info and didn't want it buried.  Here is the link: http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1328720

Some of the pertinent information to Michigan is below, the live chat is not paywalled and is still going on right now:

At No. 18, obviously Ty Isaac certainly has a shot at earning five-star status. Both ND and Michigan are very high on his list, if not the outright top two teams on his list, but no, I do not believe he is close to being decided on where he wants to go.

Guest - I feel Jake Butt has the highest upside at TE, but he can definitely play DE at the college level and is being recruited as such. Strictly as a defensive end he's really a four-star caliber prospect too

Tim- Tunsil doesn't claim an outright leader. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Florida State are some of the main schools in the picture right now.

Folks, remember the Rivals250 will be released tomorrow and we will have a chat following that release as well. Save your questions on those who are not in the 100 because they may be in the 250 tomorrow  

Michael, we have seen Tuley-Tillman on film and in person. Great prospect and definitely considered for the initial 100. I suspect you'll see his name tomorrow

Obviously whether or not a player earns another star is based on what goes on this off-season and into their senior seasons. At No. 16 Shane is right on the cusp of five-star status so he definitely has a shot to earn that in the coming months

Guest: Shaq (Wiggins) is still developing ... Great young talent. Physically not where he needs to be yet. He knows that. That's the best part about Shaq. He's a mature kid who plans to address his weaknesses.

(on who could see a significant rise in the rankings this year) Guest - in the Midwest it could be a Dymonte Thomas or Evan Lisle. With Lisle, we just want to see how he adds weight. Right now he looks like a college tight end, which is a good thing, not a bad thing. With Dymonte we want to see him more in coverage, make sure that aspect of his game is on par with his position



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I could have sworn I read that Michigan was one of Tunsil top 5 but now it doesn't even seem mentioned. By the looks of it, seems like a hard pull from the south.

Either way I can't wait for the recruiting ark to start filling up. 2x2




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I think Dymonte Thomas could be looking at a move up when they update the rankings. I don't know how to block quote, but Josh Helmholdt had this to say about the toughest decisions:

"Josh Helmholdt: Alliance (Ohio) Marlington safety Dymonte Thomas is one of the fastest players in the Midwest for 2013, and overall an outstanding athlete. As a junior, though, he mostly played close to the line of scrimmage and we did not get a chance to see much of him in coverage. So, we did not get too bullish on his ranking until we were able to more thoroughly assess his coverage skills."


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based upon his junior year stats.  My guess that is why he is not rated a 5-star prospect by Rivals, which usually requires a determination the player can immediately come in and successfully compete on the college level.  I see Morris redshirting in 2013 and then competing for playing time behind Gardner in 2014, along with Bellomy and Swieca.


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This will be an interesting year.  Coming off an 11 win season, Hoke should have an easier time recruiting nationally.  Or atleast getting kids to visit.  Ohio will be recruiting against us all year this time.  I also think we could realistically get 6-10 top 100 guys.  Pretty impressive that Michigan has offered a ton of those guys before they got all the hype.

Oh yeah, and we have Shane Morris recruiting for us....should get some pretty high ranked offensive skill this time around.