(Rivals) 10 5-stars in need of a breakout season

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Intresting article on 10 previous 5-stars who need to impress this year.


List includes 3 former heavy recruited player so I thought it could spark some conversation. The three are Da'Shawn Hand, Kaisean Lucier-South and George Campbell. 

These three could've heavily featured this year and would've gone a long way to lead this team. Hopefully they shine through this year.


CRISPed in the DIAG

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I'm guessing Hand would have done really well with Mattison.  Not sure we would have been able to do much with Campbell - it happens. I didn't feel like were were close with Lucier-South for some reason. 

Chalky White

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Campbell was a top ten player overall because he ran a laser timed 4.35 as I believe a 6' 4" 15 yr old. It would have been nice if someone would have mentioned that he couldn't catch at all.

It didn't come out until after he pulled out of his commitment. At the time I was wondering why he was listed as a potential WR,S and DE. Now it makes sense.

It's similar to McDoom. His film was all kick returns and tunnel screens. There was a reason that film didn't include much downfield receiving.


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I don't know if he was slow played as much as the coaches didn't offer him as early as fans would like when called Michigan his dream school early in his recruitment.  He sounds like the type of recruit who would have thrived under Mattison, as we've had several DL recruits who were considered inconsistent in HS and early college.

Blue in Paradise

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There were games last year where he barely or didn't play (no injury mentioned) and he has not put up much in the way of stats.

This is why it is ridiculous for teams to sign multiple top 50 kids in the same position every year. You end up with 5* players sitting on the bench for years at a time. You can say "competition" and he should have beat out the other guys, but had he done that, you would have had Jonathan Allen sitting on the bench which would have been insane. Hand would have been a 3 year starter and now in the NFL if he had literally picked any school other than Alabama.

The perfect recruiting class is not all 5* and high 4* star players, it is 2-4 5*, 15-18 4*, and a handful of high upside 2 and 3* players that can be developed into depth or 4th/5th year starters.


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... that 4 of the 10 are DEs. Too small a sample to draw conclusions. In the many "ratings matter" analyses, has anyone done a "Ratings Matter" by position? I recall seeing something around Oline and RBs ratings having lower correlation to success, but don't remember anything about DEs. 

Go Blue Eyes

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My opinion is we are doing very well with our five stars who chose to come to Michigan.  As evidenced by the recent commitments of two more five stars I think we shall see many more continue to fall our way.

The downside is, of course, we will be seeing a lot of them leave after three years for the NFL.  That is a very good problem to have1


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I personally just pretend that Anthony Carter would have been a five star recruit, and look at how that turned out. I *think* he was very well regarded as a recruit, and certainly played a lot as a freshman, but as a middle schooler in the late seventies I didn't have the dough to buy a Rivals or Scout subscription.


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Green certainly stings, even years afterward. Isaac is a transfer, I don't think that's a point against Michigan. 

Jabrill Peppers was, before Gary, the highest rated athlete Michigan had ever landed. He turned out ok.

But yes, Michigan needs to land and develop 5-star athletes. It should continue with the DL this season. 


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That none of those you listed were "consensus" 5-stars - not sure if any were on the composite rankings either (for the years it has existed).

Jordan Anthony this class is a comparable... 5-star to one site but 4 to the others and in the composite.

Peppers, Gary, and Solomon are examples of consensus 5 stars and they seem to be working out OK so far.


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Can't say that coaching walk-ons into NFL draft picks is a ding on someone's resume, IMO. I don't think we can really say how much of our DL development was a product of Hoke vs. Mattison, but with those two on campus the DL sure did develop well. 

But even with the best coaching not every player is going to develop as we think they will.

Perkis-Size Me

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To be honest, after Martin and Van Bergen I was never overly impressed with Hoke's DL while he was here. They were pretty good at stopping the run but they could never generate any kind of consistent pass rush. Hell, at times they couldn't generate an inconsistent pass rush. It was just non-existent. And then of course when OSU came around whatever run defense we had was consistently annihilated. 

I think his lines will be much better now that DL is all he's got to focus on, but still, his DLs here after his first year were very, very average. 


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Yeah. When Harbaugh arrived the DL he fielded in his first season was incredible. They didn't just develop all of a sudden under Harbaugh; they were coached up under Hoke/Mattison. Remember the first half the '15 season, when every game there was a new DL breaking out with a HUGE UFR? Yeah.

Henry and Ojemudia were both outstanding, and both played under Harbaugh for only one season. Wormley and Glasgow were ready to dominate when Harbaugh stepped on campus. 

If Hoke had come back for 2015, the program would have been a disaster, but the DL would have been a bright light in a dark place.

SMart WolveFan

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A dick comment is going into a hello thread and disparaging a 16 year old kid who just joined the program because well.........starz!

Maiden (sorry autocorrect) is the one who thinks recruiting starz are so accurate, he should be here explaining away all these inaccuracies.