Rivals' No. 2 players since 2002

Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on November 18th, 2013 at 6:44 PM

While reading about Da'Shawn Hand last week (he apparently committed to one of those SEC schools - Missitucky?), I came across a list of Rivals' No. 1 players for every year since 2002.  It's quite a list, and it got me wondering about their No. 2 players during that time, because Michigan does of course have the No. 2 player in the country per Rivals.  The list is below.

2002 - Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon

2003 - Reggie Bush, RB, USC

2004 - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, OSU

2005 - Patrick Turner, WR, USC

2006 - Andre Smith, OL, Alabama

2007 - Joe McKnight, RB, USC

2008 - DaQuan Bowers, DL, Clemson

2009 - Rueben Randle, WR, LSU

2010 - Seantrel Henderson, OL, Miami

2011 - Curtis Grant, LB, OSU

2012 - DJ Humphries, OL, Florida

2013 - Vernon Hargreaves, DB, Florida

That's not as outstanding as the list of No. 1 guys, but it nonetheless looks like being No. 2 in the country carries with it the strong likelihood of success.   



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I'm with Eric on this - the legion of new posters who come on here and click on a thread for no purpose other than to make some attempt at posting a funny, snarky comment is making the Blard really hard to read. I miss the days (not long ago) where the comments around here were mostly relevant, interesting or at least worthy of further discussion.


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I don't diagree with your overall point, but this only became a big deal when Erik decided to get all upset about it.  Guess what - people will critique you if you make a post, whether you think that's good or bad.  Especially when you make bold statements like "Being the #2 recruit is a good thing."  You don't like his critique?  Ignore it.  Starting a fight with an idiot only makes you look like one too.  


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Fight fire with fire, that's my motto. I say keep up the good work and give 'em hell Erik.
Reminds me of an argument I had with my five year old son over who is a poophead. He said I was, and I said he was. After thirty minutes of bantering back and forth, I got tired of it and he won. He's five and he won. I'm the poophead and he's five and he won. He's five, by the way.


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I'm sorry my post offended you Erik, it wasn't to say that this post is worthless, just that that statement had a bit of a "captain obvious" feel to it. It was a joke. Don't take it too seriously.

And for the record, I've been on this site for years, and have contributed with many board posts, diaries, and comments. I may not post 24/7, but I'd definitely consider myself a worthwhile member of this board, and back when we had voting the votes backed me up on that. I don't really care what people say about my anonymous accounts on the internet so I don't feel any motivation to take a shot back at you, but if I'm being perfectly honest your response seems to far outweigh mine in terms of flaimbaiting. I'm sorry to offend you


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The list looks good to me. Thanks for compiling it. Also, since this is a Michigan site, it bears mentioning that nonetheless is one word.


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It's an interesting list, to be sure. 

One thing that I have always wondered about, and I wonder if it has even been done on MGoBlog, is if it would be of value to create a histogram of the Top 10 rated players from one of the service from 2002 to now and count how many went to which school. The results might be interesting and give another angle on the trends in recruiting over time. 


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Special kind of stupid going on in your comment.  I obviously know who Woodson is.  I don't think it is realistic to think that Black's upside is as high as Woodson's considering he is probably the best player ever to wear a Michigan uniform.  That is why I compared him to Law -- who is a stud -- just not at Woodson's level.  Get a clue, Spanky. 


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Lighten up, it's a quality post.  It might be even more interesting to list, say, the top 5 from each class and see how they panned out.  Then look at the draft picks from each class and see how that looks.  What you really want to know is how often the 20th ranked player is as good as one in the top 5 etc.  I'm guessing pretty often.

Losing Hand stings but shouldn't slow Michigan down as long as they keep getting a lot of top 100 recruits.  There will be plenty of gems in that group.


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but all those other guys that are out of school made the NFL, which is pretty good for Peppers.  I think our front seven will be fine the next few years.  Having Jabrill back there with Countess could bring the no fly zone to AA next year.


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You are one of my three or four favorite posters here.  You seemingly always bring insight and value to the stuff you take the time to research and post and almost without fail you make me think when you post.  I love the way you make a point, defend it and use logic and reason to try and get people to see things from a different perspective.

That being said I think you're way off base on your responses to Go16Blue.  There certainly exists a cadre of posters who exists seemingly for one reason and that's to criticize the work of others - you're correct there- but Go16Blue is definitely not one of them.  Look at his posts over the past several months and you'll see he generally adds quality insight and opinion (like you) and trys to funny on occasion (again like you) and when I read his comment on your post that's all I did, chuckle, and moved on.  It wasnt till I read your comments that was taken aback at how upset you were cause I didnt see anything other than a fellow quality poster lightly needling you and that was it.  He didnt mean anything by it and he certainly is not a negative guy.

Now you kids shake hands and say you're sorry or mom and I will send both of you to your rooms!