From a rival fan as the CFB season begins

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Michigan vs Central Michigan......Nebraska vs Wyoming.......Labor Day weekend.....let the games begin.

Looking forward to another year competing against you guys for the division and the B1G championship. Should be a hard fought battle to play for the title in Indy, I predict it wont be decided until the last week.

Naturally, I'm picking the Huskers to win their second straight division title.

My case:

1. Schedule much easier dropping OSU-WI for Illinois-Purdue

2. Senior All-B1G 4 year QB with best offensive line he's had

3. Most of B1G leading Offense's playmakers returning

4. Defense with more potential (but inexperienced) playmakers. Secondary should again be very strong and d-line will be much deeper than last year, which killed us towards season's end.

Michigan has a proven defense, a new post-Denard offense with lots of potential, and play us at home. But you have a somewhat unproven quarterback, questions at running back, and a harder schedule. 

Don't think Northwestern can handle their schedule and MSU doesn't have the offense.

Anyway, best of luck, and above all no major injuries.




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I think Nebraska qualifies as the best rivalry we have inside the B1G beyond OSU and Staee. There's the whole 1997 Title thing, and the last 2 years it was Denard vs Martinez. I'm pretty sure it counts as at least a small rivalry.


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Settle down people.  Enjoy the fact we can talk football, knowing were in the midst of it and it's not 4 months away.

I'm curious to see how Martinez' offseason went.  Has he become any better of a passer of is he destined for the trajecroty of Denard, never quite grasping the concepts of a pure passer.  Their schedule is weak, that's for sure.  But between the passing attack and their undesired defense, I think they still have work to do against the cream of the crop (Michigan, an SEC bowl game opponent, WISCONSIN LULZ).


Perkis-Size Me

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Should be a dogfight for the divisional title. You guys have the benefit of not having to play OSU or Wiscy, but we get you at home, where we don't lose under Hoke. Pelini is yet to prove he can win a big road game, and until that happens, I don't see you beating us this year.

But hey, I'm all kinds of biased.


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Winning the conference or division would be fool's gold for you with your weak schedule. You would be summarily executed in the Rose Bowl or whatever major bowl you ended up in.


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We're going to need a replacement.

And I bet Brandon and Hoke would give a free ticket to this year's UTL if someone would dress as a leprochan mascot with a chicken head.

Hope you guys have a great season and look forward to seeing you in the B1G Championship.


August 30th, 2013 at 7:14 PM ^

IMO, I'd take Devin over Martinez without question. To be fair, I'd take DG over Denard at QB as well. I can't really think of any QB in the nation I'd swap Gardner for (given the fact he has 2 years left helps my decision). I just think he has a skillset that could make him have an effectiveness similar to Vince Young or Cam Newton.


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Best of luck to your team this year.  I know several Nebraska alumni and I enjoy discussing football with all of them.  But, you are so losing to Michigan at the Big House. 


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Michigan will smack that bitch up !

Hoke > I can't believe his name is Bo Pelini ; Gardner will fill the stat sheet and lay his nuts on Martinez' chin and we'll hang 40 on you.



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By and large the Nebraska fans were classy and enjoyable in Lincoln for last year's game too.

It sucks that the schools will be in different divisions, and doubly so for me, because Lincoln is the only B1G city that's less than an 8 hour drive for me.


August 31st, 2013 at 2:11 AM ^

You had to play only half a team once Denard went down. As the RR players leave UM will Penn State Nebraska into a second tier. Unless better coaching and recruiting suddenly becomes meaningless.


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be the Blackshirts, since late 90's to early 2000's. Your offense should be a beast, even with that shotput of an arm Martinez has. I had the pleasure of living in Nebraska for 6 years while in the military. I must say, everyone in that state is a fucking Husker fan. I was there before they joined the BIG and received dirty looks all of the time, while wearing my Michigan gear. I still have my connections there, so that makes for a fun game day of talking smack. One thing I have noticed is that Husker fans are more than polite to opposing team fans.

Wolverine In Iowa

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Husker fans are great.  I spend a lot of time in Nebraska on business, and they are rabid and knowledgeable, and also really polite and friendly.  It is too bad that we will not be in the same division.  Nebraska will develop intense rivalries with Wisconsin and Iowa, which should be fun to watch.