Rising to the Occasion

Submitted by joeysos33 on September 26th, 2011 at 9:03 PM

This past week we saw an improving Defense and team step up in a game with Hoke under some pressure against his former team. Yea the opponent didnt have the talent we do, but in a HUGE game for our coach they stepped up and completely shut down SDSU and made plays all over the field. Also its the first game we actually came out of the tunnel well and things were clicking. Its great to see this team step up for their coach in a Huge game for Brady Hoke. Hopefully this is a sign for things to come (msu,osu), meaning players all over the field making plays and wanting to win games for the team and for their coaches.





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I'm not going to go that far as to say the players wanted RR fired, but in the second half of that game, we definitely mailed it in   At least I hope that was the case, because the alternative possibility  - that we played our hearts out and still lost by 38 to a middling SEC team - would say frightening things about our talent level. 



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If that were true, I wish every one of those kids would have transferred.  To think a player could give up on the coach and the team....what does that say about the character of those kids? What is to stop them from giving up on this coach? That is why I think your theory is complete crap.  I would hope every player on this team would never give up on Michigan, whoever the coach is.


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The Bulldogs lost 4 games to opponents who went a combined 43-7, Auburn of course winning the NC. Also, MSU was a junior/senior laden club led by one of the fine young coaches in NCAA football in Coach Mullen, while we were mostly a freshman/sophomore group with a defence led by a teddy bear weilding DC. GERG was clearly not getting the job done as DC and I'm sure the guys were under tremendous pressure to win that game. I don't think it was a case that we mailed it in as much as we were playing a talented team - I believe at least three guys are in the pros now- who out played us, smelled blood in the water and took advantage of it.

M Wolve

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Which part of your post do you feel actually added new insight to anything revolving around the team that has not already been discussed in another thread?  If you can find anything in that paragraph that you decided to grace us with, do you still think that it needs its own thread even if it hasn't been explicity typed out already?



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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start. 


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How many big games did we win with basically this same team? Excluding wins against mediocre ND teams. Every big game we got it raw in the past few years. Just saying it feels great to have a real UM team again.