RIP Teresa Wangler

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Please everyone on the mgoblog pray for the Wangler family.  Teresa Wangler died Friday. She has held momma Wangler tailgate for 39 years and never missed a home game. John is her son. Jared and Jack (both on team) her grandsons.  Coach Harbaugh is delaying the team flight to Dallas so boys can attend funeral Wednesday.  A true legend in and around Michigan Football and Ann Arbor.  You will forever be missed Momma Wangler. Peace and prayers to the family. 





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I once wore a Michigan jersey to my wife's grandfathers funeral. Some family members looked at me funny when they saw me walk into the church. Then all that gave me that look turned and looked at me when the Michigan fight song came on during his service. He was a true BLUE diehard and I knew he would have wanted me to wear the jersey. Fuck those snobs. GO BLUE!


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Sad to hear this...  The Wangler's occupy a large part of Michigan's collective heart.  RIP, Mrs Wangler.  And thanks for delaying the trip to Dallas for something that is more important...

JWG Wolverine

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Always sad to lose a member of the Michigan family. Thoughts and prayers to the Wanglers.

Great move by Coach Harbaugh to delay the flight so the boys can attend the funeral. Stuff like this is exactly why he is more than the perfect coach right now.