RIP OT: Former First Lady Barbara Bush

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Dead at 92 RIP



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Just came across as a very nice, compassionate person wishing nothing but the best for all. Young ladies just starting their familes and/or careers would not go wrong borrowing a page from her in how to conduct yourself. RIP Mrs. Bush. 


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I certainly don't want to come across as though I am hoping for this or predicting this...but it's amazing how you often see one elderly spouse going and then the other spouse going soon after. I don't think heartbreak is an official medical condition, but it might as well be in those cases. The love and connection that some people, like Barbara and George HW, form is truly incredible.


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Rule of threes with celebrity deaths, R. Lee Emery, Harry Anderson, now Barbara Bush. Hopefully that is it, these were three iconic individuals.

Late Bluemer

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We should separate the politics of the president's from their first ladies.  Richard Nixon will go down in history as, well, Richard Nixon but Pat Nixon was an outstanding first lady.  She was very much from the same mold as Barbara Bush. 

If Pat Nixon wasn't in your top three you should rethink your list, or at least expand it to 4.


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The First Lady has a role, and for the most part it's more unifying than that of her husband. The same will be true when we get a First Man. 

And one of the things that riles the $hit out of me is when people take potshots at the kids. Chelsea as a kid was taking crap for being 'homely'. President Obama's kid's were occasionally mentioned. Barbra and Jenna got nailed from time to time. Now I've seen people taking pot shots at Barron. 

Whether or not you think the President is a good person or a flaming arsehole, their kids should be left alone. 


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Tell it like it is...classy...witty..and historically,  Wife of a President,  First Lady,  and Mother to another President..Only Abigal Adams can say the same...A truly remarkable American ..and I loved her sense of humor....and correct me if Im wrong but wasnt she related to another President Franklin Pierce? if true thats quite a lineage

Roy G. Biv

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She represented America as we all, regardless of political stripe, would expect. Dignity, caring, family, firm, willing to listen. Hers is an all too rare breed on both sides of the aisle in today's American politics.

Stephen Hawking

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She spawned the (very recently decided) 2nd worst president and was married to a career politician that cared more about riding a senile president's coattails and appeasing Goldman Sachs than anything else.

I'm not sad. Other people can feel how they'd like.


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Alrighty then!

Not that your points may not have merit about the other two....but was she supposed to go all Terminator and go back in time and destroy her "spawn"? As well as, what, sabotage her husband's career?! Pray tell, which year (era) would you prefer she have done that?


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If getting US into bad wars are a measure than both Wilson and LBJ are just as bad. FDR could be considered too for imprisoning 100,000 Americans due to race, firebombing of cities, expansion of Hoover’s powers, and giving humanity the threat of nuclear annihiliation. FDR created the MIC and the national security state.


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Every President from FDR on has had a chance to break from or mitigate the effects of the military-industrial complex, but none have, and one party has basically made it an article of faith that it should only be strengthened. We like it nice and new and “smart”, you could say. That’s as close to politics as I’ll go, but the history is important. FDR gets some blame, maybe most, but you can’t put it all on him.