RIP: Mike Slive (SEC Commissioner)

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The man behind the SEC's rise has passed away.  Dan Wetzel produced a nice write up that includes a lot of information that I'm sure the board will find interesting.   RIP, Mr. Slive



On Mike Slive, the unlikely leader who believed in, and then unleashed, the power of the SEC in particular and the South in general.

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) May 17, 2018



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Here he was, a slight man of Jewish faith and Ivy League education, raised in Central New York, who worked as a lawyer in Chicago and a judge in New Hampshire, somehow finding himself in charge of the cultural heartbeat of the Good ol’ Boy South – SEC football.

You know, I actually never knew this about Slive, and it is about as unlikely a description of the eventual SEC Commissioner as I could imagine. 


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Probably a nice write up but the simple fact about the SEC is schools were more willing to bend the rules of the NCAA. I guess Slive had something to do with that in helping keep things hush hush but like...Alabama wanted to win more so Nick Saban recruited a full class more than 98% of other schools over 4 years. And did so with the hottest talent bed in the country. Ole Miss...did Ole Miss things. And much $$$ likely exchanged hands to get kids to said schools (not that it wasn't also happening elsewhere, but c'mon).


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I hate when I am impressed and disgusted at the same time. 

Kind of like when I watched Mike DeBoard call Michigan's offense. I'm impressed he had the balls to keep calling that same dive play and yet disgusted he just ran another freaking dive play for no yards.


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while watching the Braves game.  Just a 15 second spot before the commercial break with his picture and birth - death dates.  

My first thought was that this may have been the only region in the country that it was announced during a pro sporting evernt.