RIP Bo - we lost the ultimate Michigan Man 4 years ago today.

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I was putting up new Bo shirts at Moe's today and I realized that we lost Bo 4 years ago today.  Damn I miss that guy, I had the pleasure of hearing him speak twice and I would have run through a wall that day for him.  RIP and Go Blue old friend.



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I still remember that day was the day before the biggest game in the history of "The Game" & I was reading my email and watching ESPN's First Take, when the news broke of Bo's passing. I started crying like a baby...and I had never met the man or been to the Big House or even a Michigan football game...but Bo was one of the reasons I became a Michigan football fan in the 70's, despite not being an alum or ever setting foot on the campus. The only other time I cried like that, for a sports figure, was in 1991 when a certain basketball player announced he had the HIV virus & would have to retire. 

The truth is that, once the shock wore off & I calmed down, I thought there was NO WAY we would lose the next day @ C-bus. Just thought fate was on our side. The main thing I remember about Bo, besides his love for the maize & blue, was his "It's all about the TEAM" speeches!

You may be gone, Bo, but you will NEVER be forgotten...GO, BLUE & HAIL, TO THE VICTORS!!


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To have graduated in 2005 when he received an honorary doctorate. I had no idea it was happening and he ended up giving a speech, which was an awesome surprise and a great way to end my time as a student at Michigan.
<br>I had tears in my eyes the day he died and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


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I was also lucky enough to be there.  It was fantastic.

EDIT:  Found the link to a RealMedia format video.  Haven't been able to watch yet (don't have RealMedia) so hopefully this is it.  It was a great speech.

Here is the whole commencement, at 57:41 Regent Dave Brandon introduces Bo and confers a Doctor of Laws then Bo is asked to speak, we all went nuts!

Happy Jack

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this picture rulez.

when i was at Michigan my good friend told me about how Bo would sit in on his class (can't remember what subject) every couple weeks and guest lecture to help the kids. this ended up being the semester he died.  my friend got to sit one on one and talk to Bo about The Game.  how cool is that?

the man loved the University through and through.  not just the athletics.  he showed up on his own time to make a difference.  That's a Michigan Man.  


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I remember the program before Bo, and I wouldn't mind seeing ten threads on Bo today.  Really, he is one of the "holy trinity" in terms of his effect on the football program:  Yost, Crisler, and Bo.  Whether it turns out to be RR, or someone down the road, I hope I live to see another person have the kind of impact on the program that Bo did. 

I think he deserves to have a bigger facility than the current Schembechler Hall named after him.  Bo Schembechler Field at Michigan Stadium sounds right.  Maybe his friend and former player David Brandon will be the man who gets it done.   


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Bought both of my parents bottles as well, and when I was last at my dad's, he opened it and it was actually surprisingly good! 

So buy a few bottles, 1 to save and the rest to drink!

If there is a way to get this outside of AA, I'd love to get another few


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Its hard to believe it was four years ago.  It was so shocking that he died the day before the biggest Michigan-Ohio State game in a decade and one of the biggest of all time.  RIP Bo


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The program's been through quite a bit in that time. 

I imagine he is very proud of this team, that they've held their heads high through all of the adversity and are battling their way back to the top.

Rest In Peace Bo, and Go Blue!

Twisted Martini

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Was pretty powerful stuff.  He stood in there for almost an hour talking about the rivalry, the Dead Schembechlers, Woody and anything else that was thrown at him.  He looked in ill health but was a tough son of a bitch to the end.  Godspeed Bo.


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Anybody have a link to that last Bo press conference? I remember watching it right after he died. It would be great to see it again.

I would hope the Michigan program, a library, foundation or something has a team compiling all Bo's public appearances and archiving them. I learn something every single time I watch that man speak. He was a special guy, even in the world of great coaches.


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Four years have passed?  Wow.  How has it been that long? 

I'll never forget the breaking news on WXYZ over lunch.  The words, "BO SCHEMBECHLER PASSES AWAY" scrolled on the bottom of the screen.  I cried off and on all afternoon.  Then when I finally got myself together, the 5:00 news interviewed Bo's former players (Jim Brandstatter, John Wangler and Jamie Morris) at the hospital.  All three of them were crying and then I lost it again.  The camera showed the team getting on the bus to leave for Columbus.  I felt so bad for Lloyd Carr having to deal with this while getting his players prepared for the biggest game of their lives.

God bless Bo.  There will never be another one like him.


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I was at the UM vs OSU game down in Columbus right after his passing. Even the immoral heathens at the Shoe shared a moment of silence for this man...Which says it all because they respect nothing, especially if it has to do with Maize n Blue.

There will never be another BO...Let's do what he would have wanted, kick some ass these next two games!



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I was in high school at the time.  My band director was a graduate of the university, and always had one basketball game his band would perform at a season.  That season, we were selected to play the November 17th game against Harvard.  I will never forget that game.

I remember riding the bus to the arena and just seeing so much depression surrounding me.  No one walking the streets had their heads up.  I remember looking at all the flowers all around the stadium, and just crying at the entire site.  It was very hard, and hardly any of my class mates knew what had happened until our band director mentioned it once we arrived.  (I didn't go to school that day as it was a half day and I had a doctors appointment.  I came home to turn on ESPN to see the news)  There usually isn't too much buzz in Crisler, but that night there was nothing as we entered.  Even when the basketball team entered, there wasn't the usual cheer.

Before the game, we held a moment of silence for Bo.  I don't even remember hearing a cough during that.  After, it was still relatively quiet for obvious reasons.  However, the first time we played The Victors, I've never heard it sung so passionately.  It wasn't the celebratory or declaration, but a very loving and respectful rendition.  While it may not be much, I feel very honored to have been given the opportunity to perform and give respect to one of the greatest men to ever run through the tunnel in Ann Arbor.


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These videos are amazing.  

If you are throwing down a Mt. Rushmore of college coaches and the criteria is consistent dominance for two decades or more, competing with character and pride, and a preeminent legacy within an already storied program, the man is etched up there no questions asked.  


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Rip Bo, four years already since your passing.  The video clips of the speeches are epic.  Truly gives me chills! One no nonsense Coach for sure.  The Team. The Team, The Team. Hail Bo.


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Wathcing these clips and videos make me miss him so much and I never had the honor of actually meeting him.  The closest thing to Bo I have is that he and my dad were born in 1929.

Bo, if you can read this, the boys could use you in the lockerroom and on the sideline on Saturday.

Forever, Go Blue


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It's a damn shame. I remember hearing Dan Deirdorf talk on television about that 1969 Ohio State game. The game was the begining of "The Game," 110,000 every saturday, and the Michigan brand. It all started with Bo. RIP and GO BLUE.

Hair Raid Offense

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Michigan football has not been the same since he died.

-The next game we lost to OSU, then the bowl game to USC.


-9-4 in 2007 when we were expected to win the national championship

-3-9 and 5-7 the next two years

Me and my dad always joke that Bo was the actual coach all those years even when Carr was head coach, and after he passed away it all went to shit.