Riots, Chaos, "Hundreds" of Couches Burning in East Lansing

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- Discipline

- Player development

- Great Defense

- Above average QB

- Above average OL

- Above average RB

- Reliable special teams

Championship! (and couch burning)


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That there is a photo gallery of such a thing is somehow sad in itself, but I believe that photo 5 of 9 in the gallery - shirtless man carrying a torch - seems like it is something that likely happened moments before a corresponding FailBlog submission. Actually, many of these photos do, including the burning of a random shirt because shirts obviously make a nice starter for the larger fire. 

The one thing that really worries me is that most couches are loaded with treated materials, so because burning polyurethane - for example - produces trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide (among other toxins), it isn't exactly a smart thing to willfully do. 


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Maybe Freshmen students at State should be required to attend a lecture about using restraint with furniture in times of celebration.   I would begin such a lecture by saying, "When drunk, rioting, and in ecstasy while celebrating your first Big Ten football title in a quarter century, it is important to exercise caution and be aware of the toxic effects of burning couches. Breathing the fumes of burning davenports may result in serious and even life-threatening symptoms 30 years in the future..."  That should get through to partying 19 year olds.

Or maybe we should let them Sparty on and enjoy the moment.  I hope the toxic effects of furniture fires are mimimal and that everyone is otherwise safe.  They have earned this moment and I will not rain on their signature celebratory style.


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Oh, It wouldn't be at all an effective strategy, nor would I expect anyone to listen. The problem with burning treated materials like that are simply the first thing that come to mind for me, but then I make no claims about being a normal human being either, so there is that. It is just that when you read the tables for toxicity from off-gases created by the ignition of things like stain treatments or thermal insulation, it would dampen the joy for me. Perfectly happy with others celebrating as they will. 


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It is a terrible idea.  It is bad for them and bad for us.  I find the idea that such education is both necessary and futile to be funny.  I didn't mean to insult you or be excessively snarky.  

For the last ten years I have been bivocational as a college instructor and addiction counselor.  I guess I am a little jaded when it comes to attempting to motivate people to act in their own self-interest, especially during times of celebration and inebriation. 


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College kids are going to be college kids. I almost feel like we're past the point where we can make fun of them for it. At least they have something to celebrate.


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...when the fab five were sophomores. There was rioting after the semifinal victory and the championship loss. Not much burning as I recall but there was property damage along South U. I recall tear gas being deployed eventually


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I remember people climbing signs, trees, light posts, anything to be above the fray.  I also remember hoards in the middle of the street.  As people would surge in it was difficult to keep my lubricated balance.  I don't remember any wanton destruction of property, just masses of bodies moving with the current and climbing to escape the current.


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My dad always asked the right question: "Why does MSU burn down East Lansing rather than the city of the team they just beat?"  Burning Columbus seems like a better option to me.


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all sit here and congratulate them!  Because apparently that's what rivals do! This is what I learned in the "congratulate" MSU thread.  Couch burning is the last card we have to play, so I say, play it!


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Cedar Village is barely a step above a tinderbox most years, so I'm surprised it was just couches that burned.

For once, though, I guess they "deserve" to burn stuff.  They are having by far the best season in East Lansing in decades. 


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Why not? They won, though I agree with the point of the victorious burning, raping and pillaging their way through the dwellings of the vanquished. There's proof positive that kids nowadays just don't learn enough history. You're supposed to burn your OPPONENTS' shit to the ground (at least what you don't keep for yourself and drag back to your homes).

Kids, huh?


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Mine are leather so I would buy a couple from Goodwill or Salvation army and burn those.  I hope we are in the position to burn some in the near future. 

As BrookTrail said in #7 to put together a team like that, they are justified in burning a few couches.  For as much crap as we give Sparty, they have an excellent team, a smart coach that develops his players and he gets the most out of his recruits.  I still hate Dantonio, but I recoginize that he is an excellent coach.

Congrats to Sparty.  Now go Stanford!


EDIT: "Smart coach, not couch"


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Is different than in previous years. Maybe it was the slog through last year, maybe he suddenly realized that he doesn't need to go through life as a raging dick. But, whatever the reason, he is a different coach this year and it's reflected in his team. They mostly played with poise - certainly more than OSU - and did so throughout the season. That's why I am not bitter about the fact that they won the title this year. They did it in respectable fashion, something I hadn't seen from them in earlier years.


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is that Sparty no longer destroys itself with dumb penalties. That has really changed my opinion of their team, along with three 11 win seasons in 4 years. We've had ONE since 2006. 

I do like this quote from the LSJ: “It’s more tradition than anything,” said Joe Sheena, an MSU senior. “We’re not a school of pyromaniacs.”