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Submitted by Brian on October 24th, 2011 at 10:44 AM

So: Ringer has said he is not off his high school team. This is an awkward situation since attempting to defend myself here is not helpful to the kid, so I'll refrain. I do have a track record that speaeks for itself at this point; unfortunately here I made an error.



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Ringer even acknowledged the rumors in his statement about how he's just injured.

Your track record - and more importantly your ability/honor/whatever to say that you're wrong - speak volumes. You also didn't just start posting things as gospel, you had disclaimers, and have since corrected yourself. No worries. This is a thousand times better than most journalists.


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I'd think about front-paging this one.  I know it's weird to put something on the front page saying "KALEB RINGER NOT A CRIMINAL," but the original post got widespread attention.  I can see why you wouldn't want to, but it might be worth thinking about.  


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however the people that were saying bad stuff about Ringer and saying that it was good to loose him or this is one recruit i'm not worried about, those people are hard to forgive. Every recruit that agrees to play for Michigan is important, plus i'm a firm believer that Ringer will be a great player.




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Your readership is voracious, even for things unverified. We all make mistakes. Thanks for acknowledging yours.

So, do you follow up with your sources to figure out why there was an error? And I assume that before your OP, you followed SOP to find two sources that corroborated the original account?

Nonetheless, I'll certainly acknowledge that gathering timely news is difficult . . . if you wait too long, the news is no longer timely. If you don't wait long enough to verify, you end up with egg on your face.


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you deserve the benefit of the doubt that you did your diligence before posting. it's not like youre on the message board all the time posting rumors. im actually pretty surprised when i see youve posted something on here. in any case, im sure youve learned from the situation but i hope youre not too gun-shy the next time you have credible info to share.


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So Ringer is injured and not off the team because of disciplinary issues.   That is great news for UM, UM fans, and most importantly Ringer.

Oklahoma, however, is very upset


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Is it an awkward situation that you can defend yourself from? Or was it an error? Because the way it was worded, it sounds like you still think there may be something to it, but you don't want to call the kid a liar. Which if that is the case is commendable enough. But if you now think your source was completely wrong, and you were in error to post it, this isn't exactly a strongly worded mea culpa. No one's trying to hang you out to dry over one bad source...that happens, and usually without any acknowledgement by others, so that's what makes this place a step above. But kind of a nebulous "apology" makes me wonder if there's still more to this.


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If you made this mistake AND worked for the Free-Press, Section 1 would have declared a Salmon Rushdie-esque jihad on you by now. This could have been your Satanic Verses, Brian, never forget that. lol


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Though I don't think the non-fish guy has remarried...

I'd say he'd be trading down, but there must be something about this guy, considering who he's dating

And to keep it on MGoTopic-

Watch out Jeter, he's coming for your record.


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Here is why I put faith in Brian.

I first came across Mgoblog in the waning days of the Carr administration.  Had never seen it before then.  Not sure how I was routed here; doubt it was a google search.  Someone had to link to it, from some other cite.

On TUESDAY before the big UM/OSU game that year, Brian stated something to the effect of:  "My boy in the office told me, Lloyd will retire on Monday morning win or lose this game."  No one else in the press was reporting it as fact; I only saw it on Brian's blog.

Then, of course, the following Monday, exactly as Brian reported, Lloyd retired.

I was like, Brian is DA MAN.

(Subsequent events in intervening years confirm, unfortunately, Brian's boy in the office no longer works in THAT office anymore.)


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It is all good.  There is not one person on here at some point in their lives they did not make a mistake.  However, it takes a much bigger person to stand up and say you "F'd" up.  I commend you for that


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I'm going to take the liberty to post a "Brian Cook Kicked off MGoBlog" thread the next time you're absent for a week.   Cuz then you really might know what it's like, Everlast style.