Ricky Town Decommits From Alabama

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2015 QB RT @RickyTownQB Today I have de-committed from Alabama. It was an honor to get to know Coach Saban and the Alabama fans. Thank you

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) January 25, 2014

We can has now?

If I'm not mistaken, Coach Nuss was the recruiter for this kid. This would be a major coup if we could land this kid. 




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He was Nuss' choice for QB, so I am sure Lane wants his own guy. Who really knows though. Saban just visited him, so I wonder if he told Ricky they would like to go in a different direction? Or Ricky could just want to stay out west. Or Nuss really could pull him in to Michigan. 


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will all the Alabama fans immediately start expressing concern that they will never again be able to recruit top players?  Send death threats?  On a sports talk show last night, I heard an Alabama fan bemoaning that young Alabama fans now have to start learning how to deal with 2 losses in a row for the first time in their lives and may need therapy.


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I first thought the name was referring to Will Ferrell's new spin-off from Talladega Nights where he plays a down-on-his-luck 48-year-old former college QB who finds out he has one more year of eligibilty but has to leave the big school in Alabama because they have a hot new QB at the helm and instead has to sign up to play for Alabama Tech, under the watchful but wacky eye of Lou Diamond Philips.  Hilarity ensues, the QB plays half a game without any pants, and in the end it is basically a remake of The Good Son except Kathy Ireland kicks the game-winning field goal while Ferrell saves Philips from being sucked into a Harrier Jet's intake as the championship game expires.

Also, I may have picked the wrong day to start huffing glue.


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TomVH thinks he stays out west like someone already said and he thinks he decommitted more because of Kiffin and not Nuss. Intriguing situation either way.

Naked Bootlegger

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How could he not like the prospects of working with both Saban AND Kiffin?   That's a dream team.   A rare combination of coaching smarts, warm personalities, and a long history of treating ALL players in their program with utmost respect and decency.


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NSD 2015 is a long way off. Not getting overly excited or disappointed either way until at least next January. Just not worth it after the Campbell and Harris decommitments. I do find it interesting based on Sam Webb's repeated references this week to UM being in it for Town until he signs elsewhere, due to the relationship he built with Nuss.


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He left because of Kiffin, it's been discussed on a lot of the premium boards out there.

Obviously he likes Nuss a lot. I'd be very surprised if we didn't make his top 3-5 after re-opening his recruitment.

I do feel like he stays out west, but I also think we have a great shot at landing him if we press all the right buttons so to speak.