Ricky Barnum deals with graduation, fatherhood (Warning: Freep Content)

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 23rd, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Holiday article on Ricky Barnum's trails freeing up, his family, playing time challenges, schooling, and making a better life for his daughter. It's in the Free Press so don't click if you don't want, it's fair, but this was one of those cases where my love for the players overrides my disdain for all things Snyder and Freep.





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Come on folks, this site would be much more enjoyable if we did away with the childish anti-Freep requirement (I'm speaking about the local culture, not the OP, whom I respect). It takes attention away from a good topic and often quality content and makes the reader have to think about and wrestle the unpleasant memories of a past regime, the hardened days of yore, often bringing them to the fore, and thus keeping issues on life support that just want to die already. 


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if you don't want to support them, and want to boycott that's fine. What is tiresome is a thread that SHOULD be about Ricky Barnum getting hijacked by 40 assholes proclaiming their personal choice to boycott the site. I don't care if you boycott or not, so for the love of god stop posting it EVERY FUCKING TIME (not addressed specifically at you).


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First of all, congratulations to Ricky on completing his degrees (including the MSW in May, if I read that correctly) from Michigan - a great achievement and one to be very, very proud of. He gave up much to make this possible in the way of time with his family (including large portions of his daughter's early years), and I would say that it takes great drive and strength and a great support system of family and friends to manage that for as long as he has. I wish him nothing but success. 



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Wine and gripe about not reading a newspaper instead of, ya know, just not reading it.

Also, I don't understand the freep hate. Yes they published what put UM under sanctions but its a bit immature to say you hate the freep but not mention how we did in fact evade the rules. Nor is there ever a mention of that Draper character. Just a bunch of rabble rabble I hate newspapers ect. Thanks for the article OP, good read.


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It's not that people are pissed at the Freep for uncovering NCAA violations. It's that the freep did a hack job on Michigan, alleging things that weren't true, and in fact ridiculous. If you got pulled over for speeding, and then a friend spread the false rumor that you had been driving drunk at the time, don't you think that you would be a little displeased with him, even though you were still in the wrong for speeding?



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Yeah, we were found guilty of violations but nothing anywhere in the vicinity of what was in the Freep. Even the NCAA report said the claims by the paper were way off. Their report was inaccurate, ignored what the actuals NCAA rules, and was horribly sourced. How can you read anything from that paper and not think it is fiction? I don't read the news for fiction.