RichRod on Woolfolk injury

Submitted by andyreid14 on August 17th, 2010 at 7:18 PM

He just released a statement:

"Troy Woolfolk suffered a lower body injury during pracitce this afternoon and was transported to U-M Hospital with our team physcian. We' can't comment further..."




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There's no way they brought him in today for surgery.  Things don't happen that quickly.  For one thing, they probably need to wait a little while for swelling to die down.  For instance, when Vincent Smith tore his ACL, they didn't operate until over a week later.

That he's gone to the hospital means that there is the concern of serious injury but does not confirm anything. 


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it's a knee.  My brother played for Toledo in the late 90s.  Fractured his ankle / tore ligaments in a game and had surgery the same night.  Never played again.  Not trying to be a downer, but the phrase "transported to hopital with team physician" sounds like more than a precautionary measure.


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No, I'm not assuming it's a knee.  Actually, when I hear "lower body injury" I normally assume it's an ankle, since that's the most common.  The point holds - swelling is swelling.  If you break your ankle, it can't be operated on for a few days, either.

We've had players go straight from the field to the hospital before.  It has not always resulted in a disastrous injury.  All it means for sure is that there is the appearance of something serious.


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My original point was "imminent" surgery, not necessarily surgery today.  If you want to keep praying to the gods of lower leg injury, be my guest.  In the meantime, the rest of us will be watiing for you in the land of reality. 

.In case you haven't been reading the main page and updates from Brian:

"UPDATE II: Getting reports it is a dislocated ankle, which is in all likelihood season-ending."


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They take everyone to the hospital because that's where the doctors are.  Your brother's case is 100% not the norm, nor have I ever heard of such a thing for an ankle injury.  Assuming there was a doctor at the field, with an x-ray machine, and the time to do motion testing, and read the x-ray, and then call and have an anesthesiologist set up for surgery, and then get all the paperwork filled out including multiple consent forms and scholarship issues, and woolfolk was briefed on the procedure, the complications and signed the consent then maybe, MAYBE, they would take him to surgery tonight.  I don't know how they do it in Toledo but the only way surgery is done immediately is if it's life threatening, no chance that's the case at all. 


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Troy needs to get better. We can't change whatever injury he has. Also, we don't KNOW what injury he has yet. Nothing is official. Let's start hoping for the best, though I can't really blame anyone for freaking out right now. The past is in the past. Now if he is hurt, they'll find the best possible replacement. He probably won't be as good as Woolfolk but the season's not over yet. Actually, it hasn't even started. Stop getting pissed about something you don't know for sure/can't change.

PS: Injuries can vary. Nobody cares about what happened with your brother's injury.


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Schembechler Hall Medical Suite Located adjacent to the athletic training room in Schembechler Hall is a 5,000 square foot medical suite. This area includes a team physicians office, an athletic counseling office, a conference room, 2 private exam rooms, a medical procedures room, a x-ray/MRI viewing area and a fluoroscope that produces x-ray like images.

But nothing about there being an actual x-ray machine.  Here's hoping that's the case and he was taken their for x-rays instead of it being say "an emergency"


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Well a broken leg (like Tyrone Prothro had in the Alabama - Florida game) would require immediate transport to the hospital.  It also would heal in 6 weeks.

I'm not saying this happened, I'm just saying it doesn't mean he's gone for the season, or he's dead, or whatever other new information is out there that the University hasn't confirmed.


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I know.  I'm was just giving an example of a compound fracture that has happened recently in football.  Also, though that break was worse than most, most compound fractures are classified as being able to heal in about 6 weeks.  It was unfortunate for Prothro that he couldn't get his leg rehabilitated to the point where he could return to football, but we don't know what the injury is to Woolfolk.


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Maybe a better example would be DeAndre Brown of Southern Miss. He broke his leg in their bowl game two seasons ago, and was fine to start the next season. I don't think he was fine in six weeks, but he was at least able to recover and keep playing football.