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Story today about Richrod in the NYT (link below), discussing his time at  Michigan and his impending move to (the state of) Florida.  Money quote:

“To imply that we didn’t understand a tradition or you had to be there to understand all the things that are at Michigan, I kind of laugh at that,” he said. “We tried to embody that since the day we got there.”…




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The spelling of moron as "moran" is an mgoblog thing....  Describing those posters that continuously defend RR to the end in spite of both on-field and off-field failure as riding an RR blow-up doll pretty much captures it all:  an unhealthy love of a thing (or in this case, an individual) over the greater institution that is the University of Michigan. 


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Thank you. The violations aren't near USC standards. But they're not to be dismissed, either. Had the violations been marginal, they would have been deemed "secondary violations." But M acknowledged "major violations."

Still, despite this demonstrable evidence, people here rationalize the violations as "nothing" and "bullshit" -- just as they rationalize about RR. Excuses, excuses.


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Nobody used any of the Freep's slander job to prove anything.  The allegations I posted were from the Sporting News, taken directly from the NCAA's report.  Your man is no longer the head coach and I, for one, couldn't be happier. 

Since your man-crush has left Schembechler Hall, may I suggest you become a fan of Tulsa or Rice.  They had the 107th and 109th ranked defenses in the country (you might be able to guess whose teRRible defense was ranked 108th). 


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I'm not going to even address your crap about the freep - the Sporting News is not the freep and used direct quotes from the actual NCAA notice of violations.  End of story. 

What's hillarious is that you believe your Michigan degree - to which I have serious doubts as to whether it actually exists - is somehow better than mine.  I lived next door to Anthony Thomas my sophomore year in West Quad Adams House - we smoked black and milds in the courtyard on the picnic tables.  I frequently played PS2 with Maurice Williams in my dorm room.  I went to every home game from 1997-2000.  I volunteered to work parking lot duty at MSU just to get a free ticket into the 1997 MSU game (Woodson's amazing interception).  I flew out to Pasadena and witnessed the 1998 Rose Bowl.  I attended the National Championship celebration at Crisler a few days later and got to wear A-Train's ring when he got it.  You've been brainwashed into thinking that RR is Michigan football, and to that I can only say "Thank GOD" he's no longer here. 


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I will scan it if you want. I graduated Michigan with a MS in biophysics (...t minus 10 seconds till geaux_blue posts...). 

I went to almost ever home game too, went to a rose bowl, went to the gator bowl. I onl missed a game due to a wedding. I only miss hockey games if there is a family obligation (I got to as many away games as possible). 

To prove how much I care about Michigan, I would rather end the football program and focus all donations directly into the endowment to insure all Michigan students graduate without a single cent in debt in student loans. I care 1000000000000000X more about the academic side than athletics. 

but yeah, lets whip out our michigan fandom and compare them. Still doesn't change you are brainwashed by the old guard. I know a few players when I GSI'ed for chem 130, that were called directly by former players and told not to play for michigan. Those individuals deserve ZERO respect. 


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You post stupid things, and people will tell you they are stupid.  (Usually, BTW...your degrees are doing you well).

The fact of the matter is I've left you alone, but you still don't have an answer for the fact you cried like a baby when people called you out on waving your degrees like it was a dick size contest, claiming you NEVER EVER did that unless prompted....except you just did it again. And have no response to it, because you know you're wrong and were caught red-handed, so all you can do is deflect with things like "YAWN". Busted.


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just like you ignore the old guard telling our recruits (during his first week here) to not go to michigan cause Rich won't prepare you for the NFL or he will never successful here. yeah, lets ignore the odl guard undermining rich the moment sailboat willy hired him. 

Germans bombed pearl harbor! 


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While I never stopped being a fan of my alma mater and rooting on the maize and blue, I feel like we can now, finally, emerge from our 3 year coma and get back to being a proud program.  During the RR era, I never felt qualified to post on a board such as mgoblog because I couldn't grasp the totality of change that was occuring or the anger towards the amazing history of OUR program.  I was a Michigan fan without a home. 

I am a 2000 M grad, and at 32 years old, somehow I was part of the "old blues" according to posters who didn't attend their first game at the Big House until 2008 or later.  I'm excited for those guys and girls that they will finally see what Michigan football is - the tradition, pageantry, off-field class, and on-field excellence.  It's an amazing, exciting time. 



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I am also a Michigan grad and I am tired of the old guard circle jerk, if you weren't from the direct line of Bo then all of the michigan family will negatively recruit against you, spread lies to the media, and "forget" to file compliance materials. 

I have been going to games since I was three years old, I am a third generation Michigan grad.How does that make you a better michigan fan considering ou felt like you were in a coma for the last three years? 


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What happened here over the last 3 years is an ugly stain on the program for sure.  However, it's not only because of what happened on the field.  It's what happened in the entire AD, the media, and the "supporters".  

Did I go to school at Michigan......NO!.  I was raised to be a fan since before I can recall.  I love Michigan football and all of it's other programs too.  For the same reasons as the so called old guard does.  Class, integrity, and tradition.  However, when RR was hired, I added progressiveness (sic) to that list.  The old guard style of football isn't really doing that well anymore if you hadn't noticed.  So I welcomed the change while still enjoying the past.   I loved the hard nosed style, the dominating defense, and the 3 yards and a cloud of dust.  I was also more than open to the idea of RR's spread and DRob's 87 yds with a vapor trail.

Let's be realistic for a minute.  RR came in with a different style than any other coach has had at Michigan.  He had a bit of backwoods to him, but many saw that as endearing.  The old guard saw it as weakness and annoying.  I think it was played up too much.  He was a football coach and that's all I saw him as.  If you wanna debate about the NCAA investigation, fine.  Did it come about under his watch.....yes.  Is he the only guilty party.....not by a longshot.  The RR haters will conveniently show that the NCAA doesn't name any Carr years in it's investigation.  The RR backers will ask them to take off their blinders and be honest and admit that it was going on before RR and it goes on everywhere else.  Turns out though, we have local media who likes to dig up dirt and dump it on the people that provide them with the fodder they need to do their "work".  So really, they are to blame as much as anyone for putting a big, blinking neon sign on it that says "NCAA LOOK HERE!".  

Finally, the on field product.  Yes, 2008 was painful.  I think we all knew it could be.  Everyone chalked it up to the square peg in a round hole idea as far as the scheme and players experience with it.  2009, exit Schafer and enter Gerg and his stuffed animals.  Youth was served on this team and while it's (ugh) moxie was refreshing, it's immaturity showed through in the end.  Uneasiness arises and the flame under RR's seat starts glowing.  2010, enter Denard.  With another season under their belts, the team again starts out hot and Denard sparks hope.  The defense fails miserably and while UM still makes a bowl, the last half of the season is a train wreck.

I will always support whoever the coaches and players are.  I love UM sports.  I will never tear down.  I can only say this.  The old guard was happy with Carr for the most part.  Let's face it though.  Carr was only producing mediority.  RR signaled hope and progress.  Something the old guard fears.  The bottom line to me is that while RR's team's failed in comparison, he could have made it great.  I didn't like to see the failure either.  I also still thought we were getting close to hitting the stride that was needed.  Can I blame DB for firing  Do I wish he'd have been allowed one more year....yes.   I think the old guard was growing restless under Carr and the entire fan base was ready for a change.  The change was too drastic for some to accept. 

I am not taking sides in this argument because I am on both sides and they are both Michigan sides.  Yes I thought Carr needed to go.  I was excited about what RR had to offer.  I was dissapointed in the on field failure.  I was more disappointed in the dissention in the Michigan ranks and while it was not blatant, there was a lack of support for RR and his attempt to make Michigan a power again.  The old guard will tell you they had nothing to do with any attempts to undermine him.  The RR supporters will go all conspiracy theory and say the old guard hamstrung him.  I think both are true to an extent.  I don't think Rodriguez was extended full support, but he didn't help himself out based on the on field results.  I just hope all of this can be over with and the future can be successful without divisions in the fan base anymore. 


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I was just going to ask Butterfield how old he was. 32? I'm 30 and thought he sounded like a someone from the 55+ crowd.

"I couldn't post on a board like mgoblog because I couldn't grasp the totality of change that was occuring." Are you kidding me?

At least he admits he sounds old.


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I take back my earlier praise now that's I've read further. Not only are you one of those that wrongly think we didn't have class the last three years, which is simply ludicrous, but now you measuring your M fandom and throwing around juvenile insults. I was with you on your earlier sticking to the facts on the NCAA/Carr thing, but there was NOTHING we should be ashamed about during the last three years, except for the record. Period.


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I appreciate your loyalty to the program but it's hard for me to ignore the realities of 2008-10.   I think there are more than a couple things about the last three years that tarnished, if not flat out embarassed the program (not including the record):

1) Michigan Football's first ever major NCAA infractions

2)  Recruiting questionable character (e.g. Feagin, Dorsey)

3) Groban

4)  All in for Michigan event at the Michigan Theater




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You're wrong. Maybe you should bone up on the report a little more.  The violations were primarily major not because they were just another violations since the Fab Five era (which is what actually made it possible for them to say we didn't have institutional control, but they didn't go that far), but mainly because any secondary violation (which most of them were) that are done repeatedly, many many times become "Major".  Doing something minor wrong every day becomes major by default. Even if you weren't doing it "more", but were doing the same minor thing wrong because you didn't think it was wrong.

It wasn't really about the practice overages, as much as the staff being there. Which came in with the huge Grad Staff Rich brought in.  The thing that carried over from the Lloyd regime was that the Cara froms were way behind on being filed. Which isn't actually an NCAA violation. Cara forms are not required by the NCAA; they are just a means to tracking possible violations. There was some department tracking issues that were the problem with some of the staff, but the violations weren't carry overs (unless you want to include that under "monitoring").

So, you should be careful how nasty you are in your criticism of others when your grasp on the actual facts aren't all that great.

Section 1

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There is another, HUGE reason why they were all "Major" violations.  And that is, the way that they became public knowledge and the way that the NCAA investigation was initiated.

The Free Press was, beyond any debate, playing "gotcha" with Rich Rodriguez and Mike Barwis.  Before going to print, the Free Press never interviewed or even spoke with Bill Martin, Compliance Services, Scott Draper, Rich Rodriguez, or anyone else in the Athletic Department.

Rosenberg and Snyder went to Bruce Madej, on the Friday before the Saturday (online, Sunday - print) publication, and announced to him that they had done a story built entirely and solely on interviews with a number of anonymous players and two (despicably misquoted and abused) current freshmen (Sokes and Hawthorne), and that they planned to run with and oh by the way does the University have any comment.

I submit that this whole story could have easily been taken care of with an internal investigation and self-reporting of secondary violations.  We'll never know, because the Free Press decided not to ask all sides, but chose to exploit one side.


February 6th, 2011 at 2:41 PM ^

They didn't move from secondary to major because they were public. They were because they were done numerous times. If they had been done once, and the Freep wrote about it, they'd still be Secondary.  Could we have self-reported them all, and maybe not had an investigation? Sure, quite possibly. But what makes you think without it being made public that our coaching staff thought it was wrong, or our administration was holding up their end well enough to catch it?

It was all minor, and not really anything to be ashamed of, if fixed.  And the media claimed all sorts of things that WEREN'T true.  But if all it took was the media saying something happened for it to be major, and for the NCAA to buy it, we would have been cited for practicing 8 hours over on Sunday like the paper claimed, instead of the minor stuff we were cited for. They didn't have that much influence, other than turning on the lights in kitchen. But they weren't able to turn one mouse into a bevy of rats hiding there.