RichRod Presser Tweets = Actual News

Submitted by MGoShoe on December 18th, 2010 at 10:53 AM

For the non-Tweeps among us.

  • MVictors At RR presser. Says they will start paperwork on med redshirt for D Gardner
  • MVictors RR said Jeremy Gallon will play the role of Miss St's qb in practice.
  • chengelis RR hopes to sign 19-20 says 2-4 could enroll early. "we feel good about our recruiting class"
  • chengelis RR: kick competition wide open. Doesn't anticipate anyone not making trip/academics
  • chengelis Rodriguez says all UM players out for season out for bowl. Stonum Hemingway Denard all healthy and practicing

And some non-news:

  • chengelis Michigan players screwing around pre-practice. Molk just passed incomplete to Denard. Devin Gardner great dance moves
  • chengelis Michigan players getting ready at bowl practice Saturday

One more:

  • chengelis Michigan practice: seven guys shaking Miss St cowbells in the ears of center and qb while practicing snapping #Michigan