RichRod and his assistants

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I don't think the board will be very happy if we end up with Miles/Hoke. In fact, I'm sure people would rather have RR stay as coach. I feel this way as well. However, what if the stipulation was that all his assistants must also stay if RR stays. Maybe he and DB talked about this. Would you still prefer RR over the other candidates? Just wondering.



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Please, no more.  I can't deal with hypotheticals right now.  The world is chaos.  Even if I would prefer him, RR has taken the long walk down the tracks to memoryville, where people sing hymns of love and steak costs a buck fity.


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deal with the here and now. I am the biggest RR supporter but DB made his decision.  Its over.  We need a new coach.  The world is starting to slow its rotation.  If we dont get a coach soon, the earth will stop spinning and life as we know it, will end.

Mi Sooner

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you still using your Commodore 64.  how do you connect to the internet; the old 64's did not even have RS232 connectors let alone ethernet connectors.  Ethernet connectors did come into PC usage until much later than the 64's manufacture.


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As above poster said, he's gone. Move on.

And I feel like no one's taking into account that there were multiple reports that Michigan players had lost faith in RR after the Gator Bowl. You can't keep a coach under those circumstances.

And no, I'd rather have Miles than RR even if RR hadn't lost player support.


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This is 100% speculation, confirmed by no players other than Mike Cox, a 6th-string RB that probably feels he deserves better (ie someone that would have transferred under Rich Rod). So even making a coaching change the same day as firing Rich Rodriguez would only have helped to (maybe) retain Mike Cox, while the cast of finally-upperclassman offensive starters recruited to play in his offense will certainly experience some transfers. On the other hand, starting a coaching search now means players have the chance to transfer both during the search (when there is no coach to stop them) and after the search (when the coach evaluates the available players differently). Keeping RR would probably lead to the transfer of a single nth-string RB while keeping the roster--and the recruiting class--largely intact.

If player reports in the future contradict this, I will stand corrected.


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If you are just going to make up hypotheticals with no basis in reality, at least make them entertaining.

Either that or share your factual knowledge of Les Miles's outrageous and disturbing sexual history.  Otherwise there was no need for this thread.


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If you are just going to make up hypotheticals with no basis in reality, at least make them entertaining.

What if the oceans were made of cheese, and every person was lactose intolerant?  


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What if the oceans were made of cheese, and every person was lactose intolerant?

Then we would stick with the non-cheese Great Lakes that surround Michigan.

Watch out for that Wisconsin place though, I think they had something to do with your oceans being made of cheese. Stupid Cheese Heads...


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Les Miles is the laughing stock of the SEC.  He took over a team once removed from a national championship (and loaded from freshmen to senior class with top tier talent).  This is not the move to unite the fanbase.  We are just adding gas to the "Michigan Man" fire.  Coaches who don't have the right lineage are going to be afraid to come here from this point forward.  Fans who didn't graduate from Michigan are going to do the same.  For a former CEO this sure doesn't seem like a hire to help our national brand.  All that to say I would keep RR over Miles anyday.


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I would take him back. The positives I see is that all the players would stay and we would pick up Dee Hart, Kris Frost and others. BUT I would have prefered a new DC. RR still does not have all the pieces of the puzzle he needs, therefore, he is not yet able to get the players he need to adapt to the Big 10. The shortest coaching reign in Michigan was 5 years I believe, but Michigan lied to all of their recruits/players by denying them the chance to be with their coach for 4 years! *gasp*


I personally like the thought of seeing how Denard progresses under RR and seeing our top 10 offense get better next year. I think defense is going to improve next year, no matter what because we just hit a perfect storm where we didn't have our best players available on defense.


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Suppose I eat a cheese sandwich for lunch today. Would I have better enjoyed a meal of rice, lentils, and salad? That's a hypothetical that has a reasonable chance of being true. If I eat a cheese sandwich, I would be less satisfied than by the latter lunch. Granted, formulating this hypothetical has now changed the future by making me lean towards the latter, but that doesn't make the hypothetical any less realistic.

The poster above you asked for realistic hypotheticals. The OP offered a completely unrealistic one. The one coach who will certainly not be hired as our new HC is Rich Rodriguez.


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I posted this a response to "A World Held Hostage: Mailbag", but it might make for a more interesting discussion here:


I don't know how likely of a scenario this would be and this is more of an interesting thought, but if we were to grab a defensive minded head coach, wouldn't it kind of make sense to try to bring back Calvin McGee and some of Rodriguez's offensive assistents?


We've seen similar situations play out with great success in other programs on the other side of the ball: offensive minded defensive head coach who has little or nothing to do with the defense, Oregon's Chip Kelly being the most prominent of which.  While I'm not familiar with other coaching situations where the head coach doesn't have a lot of input on the offense, I can't see why that wouldn't make sense.


This is all assuming that Rich Rodriguez sits this year out and doesn't land another job this year, which I can't speculate on what his plans are.  If Rodriguez takes another job, I would have to imagine that Calvin McGee and some other Michigan assistants would prefer to follow him there rather than staying at Michigan in the same roles under a new head coach.


I don't think this scenario is particularly likely, but you must admit that it is intriguing and it might be a way to get more focus on the defensive side of the ball without throwing away everything we have on offense.




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But, my top choice was RR with an entirely new defensive staff.  Check that, my first choice was RR three years ago with Scott Schafer and Schafer's choice for position coach.  Tony Gibson has been RR and Michigan's downfall. 

General Tsos Chicken

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I wouldn't place all of the blame on Gibson.  Go back and re-read Brian's UFR's during Schafer's tenure.  He made some pretty boneheaded scheme decisions.

BTW, I would have liked to see RR year 4 and a new defensive staff too but to be fair, he did have the opportunity to hire two DC's and failed both times.  I could see DB being pessimistic about RR being able to hire the right DC and fix the defense.


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I'm one of the few that would have prefered Rich Rodriguez to Jim Harbaugh (or anyone else for that matter), but I've moved on.

Can we name Calvin Magee head coach and throw a bunch of money at a hotshot DC?

I'm kidding but kind of serious.

Eye of the Tiger

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The biggest issue with RR was inability to get the right defensive and special teams staff in place.  With an average defense, we would have won at least one more game this year, and with an actual special teams staff that can groom an adequate (60%) kicker, at least two.  So I've concluded that even Hoke is acceptable provided he builds the right staff.  I'm skeptical as to whether he will on the offensive side, though, so I'm not saying I'd support the decision before it is made.

(After it's made, like any real, maize-and-blue blooded alumnus, I'll blindly support whoever it least until he has proven me right or wrong.)


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Question misses the point.  Can we please just have back RR and the recruits he was going to bring on and just forget all this nonsense?


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Then let me introduce you to the voting system. When you say things exhibiting stupidity/ignorance, people down-vote you and your profile eventually gets banned by the mods if they think you're trolling. Next time, keep such thoughts to yourself and read the content/comments on the website and any questions regarding the populace will be answered.


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I'd rather hve RR than Hoke.  IMO, RR would be Hoke 7 or 8 times out of 10 if they played eachother with equally talented teams.  But I agree this no longer matters, as its important this mess gets sorted (not wasting time wondering what ifs with RR).   Best of luck to him, though... just hope we don't face him in a bowl game in a few years and lose.


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Must we really dwell on what  WOULD have happened? After the Illinois game, I even thought to myself, "Well, just can Greg Robinson....", but then I realize that three DCs in four years makes that the scapegoat position and no one who COULD fix the defense would want the job. That left me thinking that we could find someone to fix special teams, but then I realized how little that would have swayed the outcome of the games we played against the upper tier of the Big Ten. No, it wasn't sufficient.

People played up the offense all year, and when it was running on all cylinders, it looked pretty cool on the field. If one cylinder wasn't punching it, however, it was average at best, and in a few games, totally impotent for extended periods. Again, not sufficient.

By the Ohio State game, I saw no point in keeping Rodriguez. That's just me though.