Rich Rod interested in Ole Miss

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Thought i would share - insider rumor quotes RR, says he is interested in the job at Miss.


Did mention one thing about Michigan:

"I think I have 10 to 15 years left in coaching and I'm hungrier than I've ever been. We didn't get a chance to see it through at Michigan for various reasons."


Kind of a jab, but doesn't give the full context, so I don't know.



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Mississippi players for some reason stay in Mississippi. With that, that state is loaded with raw athletes, the ones that could really make the spread a very dangerous offense...At this time, I don't even want to comment on how that would look or if it would work due to previous sentiment 


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Freep and Memphis CommApl news mentioned this two days ago, and brought up under RR on Illini game and wanting to coach thread.

Rich Rod likes him some Ole Miss

Freep article has Rich Rod saying he's interested in Mississippi:

“Ole Miss seems to me like it’s always been a special place,” Rodriguez said. “… I’d certainly be interested in talking to Ole Miss.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal states would a good fit he'd be for the Mississippi job.


He would be great @ OleMiss, close to the recruits in FLA, and would latch onto many that are slipping out to LSU/BAMA/GA


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There have been a ton of great athletes to come through there in the last decade.  i think the right coach could do really well there.

It has some of the better academics in the SEC and it is a nice college town.  The right coach would out recruit Miss St for sure.  Starkville is a horrible compared to Oxford.


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which is a nice town.  And before you ask for my basis of comparison, I was raised in Northville and have lived in Ann Arbor and Athens, GA.  In my ten years here, there has been a huge increase in the number of street festivals and civic activities.  Mississippi State's enrollment has swelled from 12,000 to over 20,000 during that time and this has resulted in an increase in local restaurants and businesses.  The steady growth of the university has kept this area recession proof.  There has been no increase in unemployment or drop in housing prices here.

The people here are kind to my son with special medical needs.  Where else could I live and take my family to the stadium gate on a golf cart and watch teams like LSU, Alabama, West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas (to name a few visitors in the last few years) for a reasonable price. 

As a resident of Mississippi, I have an active dislike of Ole Miss.  The school's nickname is the name for a plantation owner's wife.  Until recently, their mascot was a confederate general.  Their band still plays "Dixie" which was the official Confederate song.  Many U.S. Marshall were shot when the school was intergrated.  Mississippi State was peacefully integrated.  Starkville has a tradition of being more tolerant of social differences than Oxford. 

I would hate to see RichRod in Oxford.  It has a nice downtown, but negative tradtion.  Starkville is a nice place.  Leave my town alone!



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I'm betting that you weren't surprised at Houston Nutt's comments on race and recruiting at Ole Miss. Maybe he was just upset since he had trouble filling out his annual 35 man recruiting classes. He's had success everywhere he's been, why would RR fare any better at Ole Miss? Hopefully he's learned that no matter how close you are to "turning the corner," "finishing the job," "finishing what we started," etc., etc., etc., you need good assistant coaches who can do more than follow orders.


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may have a point. I don't believe the state's past is the problem, rather Ole Miss clinging to some questionable traditions may hurt recruiting. If I were an African-Anerican recruit, I don't think I would want to play for the glory of the Old South culture Ole Miss embodies.

I reread my other post and have to apogize for channeling my inner Chris Crocker.


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I don't know about that.  They talked Dexter McCluster out of his commitment to his local school, USF, after one visit.  They must have done something to make him feel at home, and they must have wanted him pretty badly.  


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SEC West, right now that is murderous.... 5 programs that are just good, with bama, lsu, arkansas, auburn and miss st......walking into that mess, wow, esp with oversigning rules taking effect in the sec......

That said, Rich likes a challenge, have at it.....just hope he knows the sec like the bigten is a defense first conference, if you can't play it you will not in in it. 


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Ole Miss looks like the Minnesota of that division - historically decent to good program, but bound to be buried with 3-4 autolosses each year given who is in their division.

Not only the division, but Ole Miss also plays Texas at home in the nonconference next year, as well as Florida. Throw that on top of the steaming pile of poo (attrition, crummy recruiting) that Houston Nutt has accumulated the past two years (Decimated Defense, The Grove Edition), and the absolute best he can hope for is 4-8 in year one.



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"I think I have 10 to 15 years left in coaching and I'm hungrier than I've ever been. We didn't get a chance to see it through at Michigan for various reasons."
<br>Welll one major reason was your teams stunk. His system may work at a place like ole miss. Hope he gets the chance.


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you are simply not knowledgeable. If you knew more and bothered to explore before you made your talk radio quality notions public you would understand that we lost because we had a defense that was the worst in school history, and terrible by any standards. A simply mediocre defense would have meant 9-3. That is just true.

And specific to the offense, it was good-by any measure, whether tradiontal stats or advanced. Look it up. You must be one of those "the spread doesn't work in the B!0," or other laughable notions. Call it into Valenti, he will agree with you.

We can all disagree legitmately about the merits (or nightmares) of the last three years. I'm quite happy with the staff we have now myself. But it actually is beyond legitimate argument that his offense worked. It is factual, not opinion based.


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But ok. We weren't discussing RR and whether the was the right coach or not (and no, he was not). We were only discussing his "system" which is his offense. And the indisputable fact that his offense worked here and worked, yes, in the B10. Fact. It is beyond legitimate dispute, except to the guys that call into shows and post on the Freep and M live. But they don't have another opinion--they are simply wrong. To your point though-which is the same point I made to the first poster--it was his defense (special teams too but defense in the main) that sunk us. Not the offense. Not even a little. 


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a good Defensive Coordinator, it would be a great fit.  He loves to recruit the south and everyone knows the great Mississippi players stay in Mississippi, so he would finally be able to land those guys as well.

03 Blue 07

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Your recollection is also wrong, strictly speaking. The truth is somewhere between the two points of view you two have just espoused, per Three and Out. Although I guess different people will read the same text and come to different conclusions. I think it IS true that we didn't shell out, period, for assistants until DB came along, and that it IS true that we wouldn't guarantee Casteel a contract, but it is also true that we did probably overspend on Barwis's new weight room and that money could have gone to Casteel. So actually, perhaps you're both correct.


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And yet Casteel chose not to come work for Rich. Rich didn't lobby for him. There seemed to be no negotiation. He just stayed where he was. That's not anyone's fault. (of course, I'm not dealing with the fundamentally flawed assumption by some that all would have been good if only Casteel came to A2).


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Lots of schools and HC's fail to land their first choice for a coordinator position. It happens. They hire somebody else and move on.

Why was it so critical in this particular case that failure to do so resulted in a smouldering crater of a defense?

(And yes, I know it didn't, immediately--in fact we did hire a second choice in Shafer and except for the Purdue game it wasn't entirely a disaster.)


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Rich is a good man. If ends up in the SEC, I wonder if he'll feel the necessity of turning to the dark side with oversigning and phantom medical hardships to compete with those who use them so well (cough-Saban-cough). I like to think not. Regardless, I hope he has a new chance soon. Best of luck to him.


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That's an interesting question and I wonder the same thing.  Especially given his Real Sports commentary where he talked about recruiting.  Part of me thinks he wouldn't, but at the same time, part of me thinks you have to at least somewhat in order to succeed down there. 

UM Fan in Nashville

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Wasn't RR one of the few coaches that wasn't afraid to speak out against the SEC recruitment practices?    I thought I remember him saying he would stop recruiting players that were also being recruited by "certain SEC schools" because he had no shot with the type of recruiting practices they had.     But...I could see him coaching at Ole Miss.   Houston Nutt does have a similar style offense, so RR would have some decent players in there that would immediately fit his system.   Not to mention the philosophical change at Florida would give him a good shot at those smaller shifty Florida recruits now that Muschamp and Charlie are going more Pro Style.   I could see this working.


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I think RR would take a couple more academic risks than he got away with at UM, but otherwise he seems above the fray.  Plus, his whole system is designed to work with good athletes that other schools passed over, and Ole Miss has more than enough talent even on down years to be solid.  The only issue he will have is on the defensive side of the field, and that all comes down to a DC.  I've always said, the next place he goes he will turn into a good program; it didn't work out at UM but he's still a great coach.