Rich Rod has officially left the building(state).

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I was driving through Saline when I noticed a large semi-truck with Arizona Wildcats logos plastered all over it. Behind it was another moving truck. If one considers that RR lived in Saline and the oddity of an Arizona Wildcats semi in Saline, I'd have to say that this was the final act in the Rich Rod drama.  I did think it odd that it took this long for his stuff to be removed. He probably has not lived in the area for nearly a year.



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I'm sorry to say it, because I supported the guy when he was our coach, but I agree with this.  It's over and done, behind us.  Good luck with the Wildcats, I'll pull for you in the Pac Whatever It Is Now.  If we ever play you, I hope we stomp you into dust.


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or tired of fans talking about him?

Seems like a good guy and a good coach to me! Will support the Cats for sure second only to Michigan in my college football who to root for rankings!


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but good does not cut it at the school with the most wins in CFB history. RR will forever go down as the worse coach in Michigan's history. Support him all you want, but I will not miss the 3 most stressed filled CFB years of my life...


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and I'm guessing by your statement that you enjoyed the losing and mediocrity during those years. Also, do we know each other? You have no idea what I know or my background or credentials. If you thought you were witnessing good football or good coaching then that's fine, but it's also an indictment of your ignorance in the matter.


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But he didn't give his best. At least not the first year. Go back and look at his statement, "Like everyone else, I figured this was Michigan. You could just roll them out and you'd win your share."

Just rolling them out is not doing your best.


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Actually I am an English teacher, too, although the demand for physics teachers has always been much, much greater than the demand for English teachers. Anyhoo...

As I recall, RR made that statement more than a year after he arrived, and he was speaking about his first year in the program.

If you have any evidence to the contrary, I'd love to see it. RR does seem like a nice guy. I'd love to find a reason to not hold this against him.

Of course, even if he was thinking that only before he arrived in AA, it's still pretty bad. I mean, I would never, ever hire anyone who thinks that he doesn't have to work hard to stay at the top.


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Yeah last year there was a story in the news about how he was having a tough time selling his home in saline, and Jeff DeFran along with Dave-in-Phoenix were celebrating the fact that he probably was having financial problems considering his real estate investment that went bad and having to owe WVU that money etc those guys are douchewads so whatever.


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Jeff DeFran = uggg.

Words can't describe how the bile rises when I hear him on the air.  How can the same station employ Sam Webb and Jeff DeFran?  


The knowledge/intelligence/active vocabulary one has versus the lack of same with the other is shocking.  


Yeah morning, boo late afternoon.


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I've tuned into his show maybe three times in the past year, and every time Defran has moaned and groaned about being single. The women ain't giving him the time of day, and that tells me there's a little bit of cosmic justice at work.


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Well judging from the fact that RR is still commenting on how it hurted him to see the current staff having so much success with the players he recruited to Michigan, tells me that his mind is still with UM, it is his body that is on the other side of town!


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respect your opinion but do disagree.  He is not at all obligated to answer that question.  He answers it and knowingly so.  Most coaches would not answer his way but brush off the question and focus on the current job.  Richard is bitter.  He really wanted to succeed here. 

Space Coyote

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He isn't obligated, but that's not RR.  He was always very open with the media, which was probably part of his downfall, but it's who he is.  Coaches don't change that much, it's part of what makes them successful, they do things their way.

I don't really care how Arizona does.  I have no connection with them.  RR was fired from Michigan because he didn't succeed, I don't necessarily feel that bad about that.  Some of it wasn't his fault, some of it was, but that's the nature of the beast.  I'm sure he's pissed about losing the Michigan job because he left his alma mater to take the job so that he could do great things.  He took the Michigan job for selfish reasons, which is fine, a lot of us would do the same if we were in his exact position.  Now he knows he lost that chance and has to start over at 'Zona.  He is probably angry, he probably truly believes he would have done something similar this year (he may have, but that would have just been patchwork covering serious foundational problems), he is probably tired of answering the questions, but he'll answer it because that's who he is.  End of story.


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You're on the right track here -- I certainly share your feelings of not really caring what happens to him. I didn't think I would feel that way when he was fired, but I do.

It's largely because what he's doing at Arizona seems like an attempt to prove that he was right -- that given more time he would have succeeded at Michigan. He has basically reconstituted his WVU staff, including Casteel. I guess that's who he is, but you have to wonder -- Tony Gibson is still there, and still in the exact same role he was in at Michigan. That can't be good, even with Casteel there to offset him.

Rich wants to prove that he can win with Gibson in that triple role as assistant head coach, safeties coach, and special teams coordinator. I have zero interest in that, because I already know the answer -- I've seen it. I can't imagine that was anything but a total non-starter in the discussion with Brandon after the 2010 season. Rich: "I want to keep Tony." Dave: "Huh?"



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It's easy to root for him in AZ because the guy at ASU is Turd Graham who is a real ass-jerk. PAC-12 has a great collection of coaches. Can't wait to see what Leach can do at WSU.


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It hurted him shows me selfishness..And i supported and will continue to support RR..I hope he wins in AZ but i cant say i didnt get a sense that RR loved him some RR


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Ok then? Who really cares? Was anybody thinking that just because his house hadn't sold that it meant there was still drama or something? What a useless thread


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Aside from wins and losses, I am forever grateful for the fact he brought Denard Robinson to the University of Michigan. I truly hope Michigan fans realize what kind of talent they get to watch every Saturday. I feel like we are spoiled sometimes.