Rich Hill (former U of M pitcher) loses perfect game, game

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Rich Hill took a perfect game into the 9th inning earlier tonight.  He lost the perfect game on an error by the third baseman with zero outs.  The no-hitter was still in tact after 9 innings, but the game went into extra innings tied 0 - 0.  Hill then yielded a walk-off homer to the first batter he faced in the 10th.…



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I was at a Astros @ Pirates game in 1997.  Like tonight, the Pirates hit a walk-off HR in the bottom of the 10th inning to win  Conversely, instead of being a HR that broke up a no-hitter, that HR ASSURED a no-hitter (combined no-hitter by Francisco Cordova and Ricardo Rincon).  I think that's the only walk-off extra-inning no-hitter in MLB history.

I like MLB, in that you can see something different and historic on any given night (I was at tonight's Reds/Cubs game.  Nothing historic there besides the Reds pitching giving up 1 billion runs yet again).

Bobby Thomson

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Yes, I have always been a Giants fan.

One thing I love about baseball is that the culture generally supports historic accomplishments of opposing players.  If the pitcher of the visiting team has a no-hitter in the 9th, allegiances basically go out the window and everyone is just a baseball fan.

901 P

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My kids have somehow become Dodgers fans, even though they were born and bred in New England. But they are young enough that they don't think liking the Dodgers means that you have to hate the Giants. In fact I think they both like Bumgarner.

I don't follow any of it very closely, but I do know the Dodgers are having a heck of a year!

M and M Boys

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from the Atlantic League.
Former Detroit Tiger GM and Atlantic League Executive Director Joe Klein passed away earlier today...
Joe worked with Bo when he was with the Tigers. He was also GM of the Indians and the Rangers.


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He was the GM in 94-95 after working as a scout in the organization under both Monaghan (who turned out to be a HORRIFIC owner) and Ilitch. The GMs that Ilitch first hired were effectively caretakers (Joe MacDonald, Jerry Walker, Joe Klein) until Randy Smith was hired....who promptly blew everything to kingdom come.

Yesterday was his 75th birthday.


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Rich Hill is the first pitcher in the last 100 seasons to throw at least 9 innings, allow 1 or fewer hits with no walks, and get a loss.




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As a kid, I'd occasionally run into Haddix at a grocery store. He was nice to me and my friends and happily signed autographs for us on whatever scraps of paper we could find and put in front of him. We knew of him because he was local and because of the 12 perfect innings in a game. Today, I learned he was the winning pitcher in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series that featured Bill Mazeroski's walk-off HR.


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I was visiting relatives in Chicago years ago and found there was just enough time to catch a game at Comiskey Park before my flight.

The only no-hitter I have ever attended, and it turned out to be this one:

Andy Hawkins of the Yankees no-hit the White Sox and lost 4-0 in what has been called "The most ridiculous no-hitter in history"


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There was no excuse for Roberts to send Hill out for the 10th (and a lesser case for the 9th). When Hill toed the rubber in the 10th, Roberts knew he was going to have to go at least 11 for the no hitter and there was almost no chance he could send Hill out for the 11th given pitch counts.

Btw, first time in MLB history that a no hitter ended in extra innings on a walk-off homer. Of course Haddix' perfect game/no hitter in 1959 ended in the 13th when Joe Alcock hit it out of the ballpark. Adcock was not credited with a homer because the runners who had reached on an error and a walk, passed each other on the basepaths.