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Submitted by stephenrjking on September 4th, 2016 at 3:55 PM
I was rewatching the game this afternoon in the "BTN in 60" format and using my DVR's rewind feature to examine some plays a bit more closely. It occurs to me that it would be good to have a thread where people who are re-watching can place thoughts that are the result of more careful observation than is possible watching the game live. A place for more details and rational thought, rather than the guesses and hot takes that come after the emotions of seeing the live games.

I'll start: the OL was uneven, but some of the issues are things that I think they will fix. But the biggest blocking problem that Michigan had was Jake Butt, who got blown out several times. They're not going to be able to run behind him.



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Speaking of that, there's a full game post on the board right now. There's also someone who posts torrents usually on Monday or Tuesday, if I am not mistaken, to pick up the stragglers, of which there are always a few typically, or for those who watch the game 3-4 times at least, because this MGoBlog and we have those people too. 

Never a problem finding full games.....going back quite a ways, in fact. 


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It's funny this thread exists as I literally just rewatched. I agree with OP, oline, honestly, did not look great when the level of competition is taken into account. Not a ton of push.

Speight looked better the longer he went although o'korns drive was impressive. You could see as the game went on Wilton making his reads and progressions quicker and not taking that extra half second to make sure like he did on first two drives post-INT. Okorn looks like he has more zip but obviously Harbaugh questions his decision making in practice and I. Harbaugh I trust.

MCDOOM and Evans is just an injection of speed into the offense that we've been missing for a while. From a schematic point, MCDOOM is fascinating and I can't wait to see what Harbaugh does to play off other teams jumping on the assumption that those fly sweeps are coming.

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Monkey House

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i just rewatched it moments ago. agree with Butts blocking adding to that McDoom is a long way from a blocker also. however, I don't think the starting oline outside of Cole, is that far in front of the back ups. the true and redshirt freshman oline played pretty well. this offense will be deadly in two years without question


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I think the biggest issue was the fact that we gave up 3 points. The second biggest was the lack of a td on the first and last offensive drives. I also thought the defense should have scored more than 14 points. I guess you can get away that against Hawaii.


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I agree about Jake Butt getting blown out on some run blocking. Saw a little of that with Bunting too. On defense, the only mild concern I saw (other than a couple receivers being a little too open on a couple of plays) was a couple run plays where they lost containment on the edge. But I'm sure that gets improved with just a little more coaching.

The Baughz

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Just watched the game again. I was a bit disappointed in the defense when Hawaii went uptempo. They got gashed once they went 4-5 wide. Stribling got burned a few times. Nothing major, but hopefully they can clean some of that up next week.

Obviously there was much more positive than negative.

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Football is a numbers game. When you go empty and send five guys out on a pattern, the blocking and rushing patterns change, don't they? How many teams Michigan will face are planning to commit five guys blocking against Michigan's front without any help with five guys out on a pattern? Not even OSU does that.

I mean making this about a beauty contest instead of winning and losing is pretty ridiculous. It's like saying we were OK, but not perfect. Why can't we be perfect? Because the other team has guys who have talent, can play and are willing competitors. Things went well because the guys played well, not perfect.

Mr. Yost

September 4th, 2016 at 4:20 PM ^

I'm rewatching now...

My takeaways are Patrick and Cunningham are still painfully bad at their jobs. Michigan is very good. Hawaii is not very good.

Mr. Yost

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I literally put it on mute once Evans scored diving to the pylon and they spend the entire review looking at his wrist and never once mentioned where the ball was when his write hit the ground. Who gives a shit if his hand is out of bounds if the ball is across the end line....dumbass.

Cunningham also speculated a questionable catch without seeing a reply twice in the first half and neither of them were even close to being incomplete.

Patrick calls Speight "Wilson" before he ever throws a pass in the game.

The Lewis speculation was terrible. I had NO idea Mone got hurt, but I knew Harbaugh's thoughts on Chris Evans because they said it 4 times in 4 carries.

They were bad in the Citrus Bowl...this was even worse.

...Why can't they not find anyone who can talk good for the games?

Goggles Paisano

September 4th, 2016 at 5:39 PM ^

Yes there was that and then there was him criticizing Speight for getting the slant to Chesson out too late when it was clear that Speight took the snap and got that ball out as fast as he possibly could. Then there was Grant Newsome, who "played TE last year".  Cunningham was terrible.