The Revenue Tour

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Next up on the Revenue Tour: PSU!   I'm just so excited I can't stand it!!!



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2018 Revenge Tour: Wisconsin, MSU, PSU, OSU, Notre Dame rematch in CoFoPoff.

2018 Revenue Tour: Nebraska, Maryland, PSU, Rutger (a.k.a. the teams the B1G added to increase revenue!)


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I actually think the revenge tour narrative is helping keep the players focused on individual games instead of looking ahead and getting excited for huge goals that are in reach. I know the coaches already do a great job of 1 game at a time, but the revenge tour just amps it up a bit and makes every week seem like a winner take all contest. Love it, Go Blue. 


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I'm with you, though they shouldn't. Seeing how Harbaugh's tenure is the only one that matters now, let's look at the last 3 games. 

2015: Michigan Won 48-41 in OT against Peak Chaos Team. First signs that Durkin wasn't a good enough DC, and a harbinger of things to come in the OSU game that year. Howard was at least an NFL talent running back...

2016: Michigan Won 20-10. John O'Korn's first slogfest. Was a JOK game, so can't blame Harbaugh for it being close. Thank god the snow came and erased any chance of a comeback.

2017: Michigan Won 27-20 in OT. Another Harbinger game. Though this time it showed us how much our bad offense crippled our defense. Michigan blew a 10 point 4th quarter lead to get to OT and was lucky to get out with a win. In Michigan's 4th quarter of it's season, we went on to lose to Wisconsin, Ohio St. and South Carolina. Michigan held fourth quarter leads in all of these games.


2018 and why it is different: Don Brown's defense is fully operational. Best third down team in the country. Best 2nd half defense in the country. No more blown quarter leads (hat tip to our S&C Coach). We have an OL that puts games away (thanks Warriner). We have Shea, then McCaffrey, then Peters/Milton. We play at home and Indiana is far far FAR away from Chaos team. 


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The always interesting "is the poster drunk, stupid or trying to be funny" thread.

Personally I'm going with trying to be funny but given some of the stuff posted yesterday (still trying to figure out the root for the worst possible thing to happen to Michigan - LSU winning thread) I'm definitely NOT ruling out stupid here.

SMart WolveFan

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He may be on to something.

Convince Disney of the tremendous REVENUE from the compelling story of a group of young men forced into isolation as evil forces destroy American core values, such as earning your reward based on the merit of your performance

Call them Wolverines!

 "Avenge Me!"