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April 6th, 2013 at 3:46 PM ^

The twitter handle links to quite often.  I tend to think of all of the UM Athletic Twitter handles as an extension of that website.  They drive more clicks to the website and all that fancy internet click/impression/pageview mumbojumbo allows the AD to make those millions.  

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Disagree. The people who go to Michigan baseball games are very aware that there is a baseball team. The games, like the revolution, are not televised, so there isn't a wider audience drawn to Michigan baseball through spending a little time and a little money to have the handle drawn on the field.

My personal view is that Twitter and Facebook campaigns are usually hyper lazy marketing platforms with little or no return on the time/money invested. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the Twitter and Facebook analytics are designed by Twitter and Facebook to make you believe that all sorts of people who already use a product/service are in fact new, unique customers that will result in significant growth in profits.

Of course, this isn't always the case, but think about it this way. The Athletic Department just tried to draw awareness to a product people were already using. The equivalent would be advertising Michigan football on MGoBlog and hoping for a bump in ticket sales. MGoBlog draws eyeballs that are already very interested in Michigan football, so the gesture is probably not worthwhile, even though the link might gets lots of clicks. 

Michigan Stadium, due to television, draws a lot of eyeballs that aren't closely associated with Michigan football, making it a more ideal place to advertise a Twitter handle (please don't read this AD). I don't care that they put the handle on the field, but it's a wasted effort, in my opinion.


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I disagree with you here. First of all, it isn't a whole lot of time and money invested. Setting up a Twitter account - quick and free. Drawing the handle on the field - quick and cheap. Having some student tweet out updates during games and relevant news outside of games - relatively cheap, only a minor distraction from other duties. So it is very little time and money invested.

The return could be great though. As you mentioned, not many people away from the game will see the handle. However, the people at the game will, and will be much more likely to tweet about the game because of it. That should lead to people away from the game hearing about it from those at the game. How many of those people will be more likely to go once they hear people they know tweeting about it? Who knows, but it's certainly more than if no one was tweeting about it.

For an operation as small as Michigan Baseball advertising, this is a can't miss opportunity. Very cheap investment, fans not on the payroll do most of the work, and traditional methods of advertising with the same reach cost orders of magnitude more. What's to lose?

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I hear you, but there is more to Twitter marketing than just creating the account. The analytics services do cost money, and without them, Tweeting is basically throwing poop at a wall without seeing what sticks. Otherwise, you can't figure out with any accuracy if the handle has any benefit, which goes back to most Twitter campaigns being hyper lazy and essentially worthless.

I'm fine with Twitter, but this is basically preaching to the choir. It would probably be more effective (and even cheaper) to paper the dorms with the hash tag. Then, you'd be potentially increasing awareness among a very Twitter savvy audience that happens to be your target audience as well.


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This is just the world we live in now. I remember when people were up in arms when the school starting putting on everything.


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I think Twitter is great for fans. I won't watch M Softball on GameTracker 99% of the time, but I like their in-game tweets. Say what you want about the marketing aspect, but this will likely help M Baseball fans connect with the program, or at least some of them.

Probably superfluous in a 115k seat stadium (and I agree it doesn't keep with the aesthetic M has) or maybe even for basketball and hockey, but if this gets people to follow on Twitter and get that connection/information, what's the harm?


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Young people use twitter....recruits live off of twitter. It's paint on grass and if nothing else just another "change" for those who are averse to anything Bo wouldn't do to f-ing bitch about yet If it's not adidas vs nike, uniformz bs stodgy old tradition, the way you remember it when you walked five miles in the snow in June to and from school...some of your lives wouldn't be's's free, it's here and now. Stand stagnant or move forward.


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For a lower-profile/non-revenue sport like baseball, anything they can do to bump up their group of core followers up is good idea. It's probably a low-return sort of thing, but it's pretty much free, so why not.

I see a big difference between this and a Michigan football hashtag. Michigan baseball can slide under the radar, whereas Michigan football is... yeah.


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I don't quite understand all the hate on here for changing with the times, i.e. different uniforms, music selection at football games and this.