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I think Beckmann's call (it's been so long - could have been ESPN) was something to the effect of " the right, Henne....airing it out for the end zone....HE'S GOT IT!" 

I went to that game, and granted, it's just a scrimmage, but seeing a moment like that from Canteen - the way he looks so far - would not bother me one bit. He looked pretty good out there. 


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between Hoke and Weis. Both were in way over their head and couldn't coach, yet making millions from Universities that deserved way better then them. 


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If so ask any doctor on this board about flexor digitorum longus, or how about the fact that the flexor digitorum profundus is innervated in the medial half by the ulnar nerve and that the lateral half is innervated by the median nerve. I could also talk about how the cubital fossa is bounded by the pronator teres and the brachioradialis. Want to know about which arteries pass through the quadragular space? it's the axillary artery and and the posterior humeral circumflex artery. 

please ask any physician if those are true. so yes, I am in med school and know what I'm talking about. I've never claimed to be an expert on football, all I know is Hoke doesn't seem capable of doing the job. 


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Please tell me what the probate quadratus does. How about the supinator? One is innervated by the median and the other is through the radial nerve. How about the flexor digittorum profundus which has half innervated by the ulnar nerve and the other half is innervated the median nerve. The fact that I know should prove to anyone that I am indeed in med school. Granted I'm only a year one but I know what I'm talking about

I dumped the Dope

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The play in the corner of the endzone is one we called the "Michigan Play" as kids 30 years ago.  Down, one step in, QB pumps to freeze the defender, break outside, the ball goes where only one guy can get it.  If the DB loses a step, and has his back turned to the ball he's cooked because the receiver can then face the ball coming in and its going to be up high where its either a TD or a ball out of bounds.  Gripping the ball up high also means the DB has minimal chance to rip it out for an incompletion.

Gardner, when running healthy, has a deadly ability to bootleg near the goalline, hes big enough to drive a yard on someone who isn't coming downhill at him, rarely does the defender get that kind of an angle on him as he runs outside, he can juke any OL and if there's no daylight Gardner does an excellent 2 yard pass to a receiver standing open in the endzone.

I like Nussmeier's focus on "winning statistics" or however that was exactly termed.  Basically 3rd down conversions to keep drives going and red zone efficiency to put points on the board.  We made a lot of field goals last season, thankfully our kicker [focusing only on the field] was very good at making them.