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Submitted by snakedog on April 30th, 2012 at 12:40 PM

Roll Damn Tide-

I know you called it quits on offering your updates (much disapponitment to many mGo'ers) but I was wondering if you could shed any insight on the Poggi visit to Alabama this weekend. What are the rumblings or what is the fanbase talking about on post visit Monday. Thanks.

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Come on man, RDT will post if he has info that he is comfortable sharing, it's not like he is holding out on everyone just to be spiteful.  Just wait for the Hello post if/when it comes, in the meantime sit back and take it easy.


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There are two things I would do with a time machine, in order:

1) Go back and kill Hitler

2) Go forward in time to watch college football and avoid all offseason threads

It speaks to the pain of the offseason that the deeper it gets the more the irrational side of me thinks about switching those two around.


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Haven't heard much out of Poggi.. Would really like to get some kind of update even if it's not from RDT. Wasn't he supposed to be deciding at the end of April? I mean it is the last day of the month and I haven't heard one damn thing!

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If you want an update from the Alabama pay site message boards, you could always get a pay site membership. The mods/Brian have done a great job creating and interpreting the MGoBlog policy so I never comment on it - but creating a thread soliciting info from pay boards doesn't seem the same to me. Asking for that information seems to fall in the very dark grey moral area, for me at least. I'm just tossing this out there as 2 cents rather than admonishing you because I'm not the message board police.

BUT - $10-15 dollars per month will get you a couple paysite memberships and you can roam the team boards there. Or, for $0 per month, you can get a twitter account and the recruiting analysts will basically give you the info from their articles for free. Check out who Ace, TomVH, and some of the Tremendous guys follow and you'll be all set.

(Maybe you're asking for what RDT's friends/connections have said to him; if so, disregard above. It just sounds like you're saying "Tell me what's on the Bama paysites")


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I bet yes. Let the man post from the pay sites. Just copy and paste in the thread. Sorry, but if some on here weren't affiliated with the pay sites it would be going on. I feel like some on here are the NCAA. Well, it is ok to copy and paste free articles or use copyrighted music in videos, but not from pay sites.


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It went ok from what I'm hearing. I don't think Alabama fits his personality as well as Michigan does. I've said this before, but I think Michigan has a clear lead on him. Poggi is a smart kid, his parents also want him to go to a highly rated academic institution. In terms of ratings and football tradition, Michigan would be hard to beat Michigan for Poggi.

If he does sign with the Tide, then Saban clearly sold him on his pro potential.


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If you got an ESPN insider subscription, it sounds like there will be an update on Poggi in a bit from insider Dave Hooker.


Expect him to announce any time from now to the end of June.


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1) Post valuable content

2) Never, ever, EVER mention MGoPoints. It's the first rule of MGoPoints



If you have a crappy Karma value (0 or -1), you'll start in the gray. That's a result of too many people downvoting your comments. If you can get them to start upvoting them, you'll be outta the gray in no time. I know I'll probably get downvoted for taking the bait, but if someone doesn't tell you you'll never know.


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That Hooker article just posted. Poggi basically says nice things about Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State and Maryland. He says he is not cutting his list down to finalists, and looks like he is keeping everyting pretty vague. I tried to dissect his actual quotes - i'd say Maryland has the least chance of getting him. Three horse race between Bama, UM and OSU?


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Also, considering the amount of upvotes and comments RDT Threads get, I would not be surprised if we see an RDT shirt sometime in the near future for purchase from the MgoStore.

Dude is like a demi-god around here.


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Am I understanding this correctly that it is possible to see how many upvotes/downvotes a thread has?  If so, how do you see this?  I've seen references to this multiple times now, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to see it.  I've used the site search and checked the FAQ and still can't figure out how to see them...

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Tom VH also posted a video interview of McQuay and he mentions the schools that his is very interested in and Michigan was not one of them.  He also lists schools he is still looking forward to visiting and Michigan is not one of them.  It will be great to get him on campus, but they would really have to wow him to make his list.


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He may be considering a lot of schools and will take his time committing, but it sounds like Michigan may be in the lead for him from what I read.  The early enrollee thing may play a big factor into it.


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Man the fanbase is getting so spoiled.

It's actually nothing like the Levenberry situation.  It makes a ton of sense why Levenberry went to FSU.  In hindsight, it would've been an absolute coup for us to land him, and the fact we were as close as we were speaks volumes about the coaches' recruiting prowess.

Go take a look at the B1G recruiting class rankings and cheer up. :)