Reports of Ricardo Miller moving back to WR per 'all over Twitter'

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Chris Balas @Balas_Wolverine

Unconfirmed rumblings by Michigan junior tight end Ricardo Miller that he's made the move back to wide receiver #fb.



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We're only about twenty or thirty years removed from a time when freshmen seldom played.  Believe it or not, players used to actually have to "wait their turn" to play.  Many only saw serious playing time as juniors and seniors.  Nowadays, we expect recruits to play like juniors when they are freshmen, and seniors when they are sophomores.  

It doesn't always work that way.  Ricardo Miller has been a solid "program guy."  He has worked hard, never complained, and "waited his turn."  He recruited hard for the program as a HS senior.  This is the kind of guy you offer a chance at GA when his playing career is over.

MIller is only a RS sophomore.  It sounds like some of "us" are writing him off when he has three years left to contribute.  

Ricardo Miller's story is far from over.


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Based on prior returns and scouting reports, I wonder what Miller can provide at WR that Jeremy Jackson, Jerald Robinson, Amara Darboh and Jehu Chesson cannot besides depth.

This is curious.


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Would be that he moved to TE because they thought his ceiling might be higher there, turns out it isn't, so they are just letting him play his natural position. I think that this is more an indication of his lack of development than of the development of other players.


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I love this move, now he can get legitimate playing time. Most people forget he transferred from high school in Fl to play his senior year at Pioneer. Nice move

O Fo Sho

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The complaint was he was too slow to play WR.  So, we spend the last year bulking him up and now move him back to WR like things have changed?

Don't get me wrong, I hope it works out for him and M. 

Not too long ago Ricardo Miller was our current day Shane Morris.  He LOVES Michigan and sold M to a lot of recruits.

Wolverine MD

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These rumors are based on his facebook status. 

"Have my old high school number back. Back at wr. Maintaining over a 3.0. And gonna have a huge summer ahead of me. #time to grind papa"

Space Coyote

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Michigan did not look very strong at TE during the spring game, and this almost ensures that they stay away from many 2 TE sets.  While Miller didn't seem suited well at TE, he was a decent option at the H-back spot.  This leaves very few passing options at TE, and I would expect the incoming TEs to see the field (especially Funches) very early.  Also expect a lot more use out of the FBs, as they have progressed really well.


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Can't help but wonder if this has anything to do with Jerald Robinson's situation.  A bit odd considering our lack of depth at tight end, and the fact that the coaches got him up to 235 lbs to play tight end.  It could be that Miller is such a terrible blocker that he's too much of a liability on the line to contribute useful snaps at tight end.  Who knows


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Part of being a TE is having to block.  Miller was coming in as a WR.  Could be he's not used to blocking DEs or LBs.  (Purely speculative that the move is because of a less than stellar ability to block)  Blocking 180 lbs corner backs is a different story, hopefully something he could excel at at WR.

Here's hoping it works out for him.


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The coaches are probably on the phone as we speak making sure Williams is getting himself ready.


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Last I heard DG is taking BWC's spot.  But that could just be a smokescreen so the media can ask the same question in 14,000 different ways to both of them.  Because the players seem to enjoy that so much.