Report on my MGoBlindDate

Submitted by scanner blue on January 31st, 2018 at 1:15 PM

  I'll keep this brief since it's not interesting enough for a diary and I'd prefer it to disappear in a day. On Monday I posted if anyone wanted a free Bball ticket and dinner beforehand in the Jack Roth Club for the Event Team appreciation dinner. I got two takers and said yes to the one who replied to my post first before I checked my email. At this point trepidation set in because who was this random poster that I would spend an hour over dinner with who had less than 10 pts since joining the site in 2014. I've been to over a dozen MGoGettogethers and I might want to share a beer with maybe half of the attendees (Brian might not make the cut).

    Mr. MGoGMo and I turned out to have a lot in common. He and his wife both went to UofM and met there in the late '80's, my wife and I did the same in the early '80's. His son is a current student here and his daughter will be applying here soon. My son and daughter are both graduates of Michigan. We walk into the suites and the first athletic staffer we see  he knows personally (this was probably the only staffer there that I didn't know). He used to do TV work at the football games for a Flint station and this last season helped out the Amazon crew on their documentary. I tried to regale him with my stories of working the football camps last summer and meeting half the coaches and maybe a quarter of the team. It was a better dinner than my senior prom to be honest.  I had to leave early to usher the NU game but he made it a point to track me down at halftime at sec. 104 and to thank me again. 

Let the snark we didn't get a room, no bromance...It's not MSU related nor has anything to do with recruiting. Go Blue!





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It's awesome that the pop-up ad issue was fixed. I never gave thanks to the owners of the website (or whoever else) fixed the pop-up virus ad issue that was plaguing the website in November/December. I'm glad the issue was fixed and also thank anyone who spoke out about the pop-up ads. 


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Yeah, truly, the dad part sucks, but I'm glad I got a chance to see the others' true colors. They didn't even send gifts. Assholes.

They were the redneck side though. The hillbilly side (my mom's side) all came.

Doesn't matter when the wife and the kids we have had are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

*clicks on Asian dating ad*


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That sucks, man.  When we started dating back in 1999, she corrected me that food is oriental and people are asian.   Heck, I didn't know.  But I have enjoyed the jokes I get to use on her.  In case anyone objects, it comes with the marriage and kids, and those bastards are white as hell.  

Everyone Murders

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Deny it all you like, but this is a pure bromance - the type that ends up swapping pictures of your respective man-caves.

(I mean literal man-caves.  Not "man-cave" like a euphamism or something.)


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real name), he is a super nice guy.  he ever posts about meeting him at some michigan event, you'd be well advised to get there.  

having met him a couple of times, i don't have the heart to ask if i'd make the cut for the beer drinking.  rejection can be difficult.....