Report: Kristen and Lauren Dantonio commit to the University of Michigan

Submitted by Desmonlon Edwoodson on May 10th, 2011 at 10:03 PM

Sources from Scout, Rivals, ESPN and SkyMall confirm that Kristen and Lauren Dantonio, daughters of Mark and Becky Dantonio have verbally committed to Brady Hoke and the University of Michigan.  Spartanmag recruiting analyst Matt Dorsey confirms that securing commitments from the Dantonio girls was "not a priority"  as both girls currently reside in Michigan, and MSU recruits nationally.  Mark Dantonio could not be reached for comment, but sources close to Kristen and Lauren report that the recent theft of their television, laptops and spring formal dresses by Dion Sims did not play any role in their decisions.  Lauren was quick to point out "Daddy has zero tolerance for that kind of thing--that's why he made him give our stuff back before he could return to the starting lineup".



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I am starting to get really concerned about class size. I mean, those girls are middling prospects at best. They lack size and athleticism - and frankly, we don't need to recruit any more slot ninjas in this offense. With these commitments, I don't know how we're going to get our priorities met for this class.

One thing I did like to see is that both Kristen and Lauren said they always wanted a Little Brother. Maybe there's hope for them yet.


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They only committed because they will get early playing time, and just wait until Hoke goes 6-6 his first year, then they will decommit and go to MSU. Also, they must not like championships, or billboards.


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For some reason, I'm thinking about the Powder Puff episode from the first season of Friday Night LightsI'm sure they could provide some depth in the defensive backfield.


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They lock every thread quickly after a Michigan verbal commitment.  And they've completely nuked a couple threads recently, including the Ojemudia 10+pager.

HALOL.  Good.  Screw em.


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Will they qualify?  Grades are the concern here.  Not the top notch recruits we are hoping for but can be taught, but my concern is will they academically qualify.  And Go Wings!!!!


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Mark Dantonio himself would like to commit, but we aren't likely to offer.  As the MSU coach, he's recruiting himself heavily, but may not be able to seal the deal.  


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Link or gtfo.

That doesn't sound like his style.  He doesn't like to pressure recruits.  He only wants himself if he really WANTS to be the head coach.  If he has to sell himself to himself, then he doesn't want himself.


Optimus Hart

May 11th, 2011 at 9:55 AM ^

Fred Jackson describes Lauren as "similar playing style as Mark Ingram, except faster," and went on to praise Kristen as "a shiftier, more leadership focused version of Mike Hart."

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According to Sam Weeble Wobble both Dantonio girls are the first recruits to transfer from this class. They could not get over the image of a drunk darryl stonum rearending Matt Foley 2x.

They just thought the future looked brighter after Tates first year.

Signing with the early signing period midwest region champion just didn't seem to mean as much to them as actually winning big ten games , go figure

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Both dantonio girls have decided to leave the michigan football program.
reasons given were brady hokes unsightly armpit stains and wretched breath
darryl stonums constant drunken advances
the mountains of fast food wrappers in coach hokes office
and most important all the free koolaid from the northern,eastern midwest region early signing period champions!