Reon Dawson misunderstanding?

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Turns out it might not be true at all. Reon didn't say he is a fan of our rival.

Just got off the phone with Reon he said he didn't say he loves ohio state he said"He loves the state of ohio"reporter changed up his words.



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Wait until he walks through the Diag; checks out Ann Arbor, attends a Michigan basketball  game, sings the Victors with his teammates after a win, and explores the thousands of other things that make the University of Michigan hte best place in the world.  I am sure he'll be singing a different tune in no time.


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God forbid a 17-18 year-old kid says something without thinking about the repercussions.

He signed with Michigan.  He made quite a faux pas.  He'll learn (or be taught it VERRRY quickly at Fort Schembechler).

Let's move on.


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silver helmet, send him over to the scout team O, put him in Braxton's role and commence full-contact OSU preparation.

He'll sing Hail to the Victors within 5 minutes. Guaranteed.

Unfiltered Manball

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and "Ohio" should rarely if ever be used in the same sentence.  Young Mr. Dawson will be schooled in such matters once he arrives in A2 this summer.

Here are a few accepted examples of using these words appropriately:

- I would love a giant meteor to crash into Columbus, Ohio.

- Most escaped convicts love the "You're welcome here" attitude Ohio offers.

- Buckeye ladies, get into the Horseshoe free when you show your "I love Ohio State" tramp-      stamp.*  (Ages 14-55 only.  Sorry grandma.)


PS:  Apologies to any of the U-M faithful living in Ohio.  God bless you and stay strong.


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Ask him again before the first game. I'm sure his answer will be vastly different.

Elliot Mealer grew up a huge buckeye fan. I think it's safe to say he's been converted.


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How many times do we hear of recruits wanting to go to a school and either not getting that offer or having their parents not allow them to go to that school.  Chris Spielman wanted to go to Michigan and his father basically said, "sure, but you will no longer be welcome home."  I think he did pretty well for himself at OSU, and I don't think many Buckeyes hold a grudge against him.

Reon's mistake is opening his mouth about the topic, especially before he even shows up on campus.  He was at an Ohio presser and probably wanted to give and get the love.  He will learn very quickly in practice, in the weight room, and in class, what it means to be a Michigan man....or he will be weeded out.

This really is a non-issue.  At worst a poorly timed, foolish comment by the kid.  I am certain after he shows up on campus, gets shit from the seniors on the team, and actually works, sweats, and bleeds with his teammates, his loyalties will be aligned.

Again, he will be playing football for Michigan, getting a full scholarship, and have a chance to play in front of 110K every Saturday.  If he cant appreciate that and fall in love with the University and tradition because of his loyalties to the football factory down south, then he is really a moron and has bigger issues than said comment.  I very much doubt this will be the case.


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I say we leave him alone. It is a shame that some idiot fans tweeted at him when this article came out.


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Don't really know what Michigan-Ohio State is until "the week." You can act like you know, but he'll get the difference wen he lives it.

Going to make the first time Hoke says "Beat...." A little awkward though.

West German Judge

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If I had a favorite team growing up but they did not offer me a scholarship, I would:

-try to walk onto my favorite team.
-take a scholarship to a nearby school and try to transfer over to my favorite team.
-take a scholarship anywhere but a rival of my favorite team.

I would not:

-accept a scholarship to a primary rival and declare my love for my childhood favorite the day after signing day.

If that truly is what he meant, then it's not a matter of criticizing a 17-18 year old for saying or thinking something stupid, but DOING something stupid.  

However, I do know many out of state kids that are true Michigan Men but reserve pride for the place they came from.  I understand and respect that.


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My dream school did not offer me a scholarship. I gladly accepted a scholarship to play for another school in the same conference that was higher rated academically and located in a better city.

Now I post on blogs and play "what if" with myself every day since I signed that LOI. Years later I still don't know if I made the right choice.


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You should watch the ESPN "it's not crazy, it's sports commercial" about the Man U vs Man City fans. Then you should remember that a 4 year scholarship is worth about $120,000. Then you will understand why what you just said is stupid.

Forget football, if my son got a full ride to OSU, but would have to pay to go to Michigan, I would tell him he was stupid to not take the schollie.


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I'm a Michigan fan, and will always be one. However, my 11 year old son, while he likes Michigan and roots for Michigan, has an Illinois jersey and hat, (partly because they were free, partly because we live in Illinois.) I would struggle more with Scarlet and Grey gear, but can excuse Dawson.

And my daughter, who just enlisted in the Navy, starting Boot Camp yesterday, gave me a "Navy" baseball hat. She did quip, "at least the colors are right, Dad." I'm proud of my daughter, and will wear the hat, even though I'm blue through and through.


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I ignored this on the earlier post, but I'll say it here - I grew up in Ohio, was steeped in the rivalry, couldn't wait for the Buckeyes to beat that team up North, until I went to Ann Arbor (for the academics, duh), sat through some games, felt my feelings change, and rooted hard for the maize and blue in that first game.  After that, I'm all Blue...down here, though (we had to move back for work), it's hard not to be indoctrinated...give the kid a break...


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Of all of the non-stories this offseason, this is the stupidest one. The kid is from Ohio and grew up an OSU fan. He didn't get an offer, and ultimately accepted one at a school that from a football perspective, would give him a very similar experience - big10 Midwestern football, huge stadium, rabid (ok, in their case, they actually have rabies) fanbase, perennially one of the best teams in conference, great tradition, chance to play in rose bowl / title game / maybe national championship and part of the best rivalry in sports.

Sorry if he hasn't become as indoctrinated as we all are in all things Michigan. Give him a chance to Mayr get on campus. I am site that once he does, he will bleed Michigan.


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... a former Woody Hayes assistant once decided to come to Ann Arbor to ply his trade. Pretty sure that guy didn't end up wrestling equivocations during the last game of his 21 regular seasons.

Those who stay ...


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Reporter- "So what did you really say?"
Reon- "Ahh...Egg roll. Wish I had a breeze running up and down my leg. Stingray a double sided Scooby snack. Yeah, I'd kill for a cookie."

the Glove

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This just goes to show regardless of the fan base there's always going to be people that blow things way out of proportion. Remember he's a 17 year old kid, even if he would have said something like that some people just don't understand the magnitude of the rivalry.


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Why are we having this conversation?

So the kid was an osu fan; may still be to some extent. He signed with Michigan and is now Blue. We should respect his comments, his commitment and believe that in 4 years, his realization that it was a decision well-made. As a fan base, we should support him as a Maize and Blue member of the team. THE Team. THE TEAM.


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On the one hand, whatever his feelings might be, anyone with half a brain knows that when you commit to a team, you don't start talking about your undying love their biggest rival. This is particularly true when talking to a reporter.

On the other hand, at least he doesn't have an OSU tattoo...


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The area of Ohio I am from is nice. The Hocking Hills are much different from any other area of Ohio and it is a special place for me (probably because I was born and raised there). Other than SE Ohio, the rest of the state SUCKS!