Reon Dawson misunderstanding?

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Turns out it might not be true at all. Reon didn't say he is a fan of our rival.

Just got off the phone with Reon he said he didn't say he loves ohio state he said"He loves the state of ohio"reporter changed up his words.



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Here is the full quote:

“Until I die, I’m gonna be a Buckeye fan, even though I’m going (to Michigan)," Dawson told the Dayton Daily News. "When we play (OSU), I’m gonna still bring my ‘A’ game. But I love Ohio State.”  

Was he also misquoted on the "buckeye fan til I die" portion?  Forgive me, but I don't buy this explanation since it is incomplete.  It just looks like Dawson is in damage control mode at the moment and blaming the reporter is the path of least resistence.  Glad his teammates have already started getting on him though. 


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So you believe a reporter from the state of Ohio, who probably hates Michigan, over the actual guy and his best friend themselves? Both of whom are coming to Michigan? This is the exact kind of attitude that leads to Manti T'eo having a dead girlfriend. People believe too many things that reporters say. I think I'll trust the guy and his best friend over some reporter in Ohio.

Now, I honestly don't know who is telling the truth here. But, there's two sides to every story. And if anyone is going to do mis-reporting, leave it to a guy from Ohio. That all said, Dawson could have said it. But, who is to say which one of them is not telling the 100% truth? Why does the reporter get a pass?


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Honestly, I couldn't care less what he said...

He probably has done 23232 interviews, being asked dumb questions like that all the time...

He SIGNED with Michigan... Doesn't that say enough about where his feelings reside? He could have gone to numerous other schools, but he wanted to be in Ann Arbor...

I am a die hard Michigan fan, but if OSU offered me a full ride, my next best offer was Illinois, maybe I would go there too?



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This will sort itself out.

If he doesn't buy in, he'll play himself to the sideline and eventually off the team.

If he falls in love with the team, then he'll be as productive as he would have been before we heard all this.

Either way, the excuse in the OP is bulls***.  It's just an attempt at spin, but at least he cares enough to try to spin it.  That's a lesson in itself.