a reminder of why Bleacher Report is frowned upon here

Submitted by Mr Miggle on August 18th, 2014 at 8:11 AM

It isn't just all the annoying click-throughs that have made Bleacher Report links unwelcome here. In fact, they have cleaned up the site rather well. It's that their writers are apparently volunteers and knowledge of their subjects is not required.

Why am I posting this reminder? I made the mistake of following a search there, just looking for some statistics. Instead I found this analysis from the scrimmage. I bolded the most laughable part.

But who are No. 2 and No. 3? Gardner's the top guy until he says so; but after Saturday, it's safe to say that there isn't a clear second fiddle, as Speight, a 6'6", 234-pounder with miles of range, did just as well or better than Morris.
Each had their good and bad moments, but by night's end, Speight's arm seemed more valuable than Morris' exceptional set of wheels. That's not to say that Morris didn't throw well, because he did. In all likelihood, personnel (2 vs. 3, etc.) had something to do with the difference.


This is why we don't link to Bleach report. Be prepared to suffer the consequences if you ignore this admonition.



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The weird thing is you have to wonder what would have even given the writer those impressions.  Just looking at stats by itself will tell you something different, and if you read any of the many available tweets and articles from people that were there they pretty much all came away impressed by Morris (at least more than Speight.)  Plus, Bellomy got more time than WS did.  So..... weird.  It's like he just pulled it out of his ass, which.... Internet, I guess.  It happens.


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I read a Bleacher Report article last week saying Kalis was our starting RT, Braden was our starting RG and Bosch was out with a bad back. They write articles base on like 70% of correct information. They suck.


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I got the Bleacher Report Team Stream app for the pro sports updates (I don't have time to read blogs for Tigers, Lions, Pistons, etc. like I go for M football), but I fell into the trap of reading their college football material.  Just awful.  I watched a video with a guy saying Michigan could lose every game this season.


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Do as I say not as I do? If I stop reading horrible writing I'll forget how to read.

However this quote from The News today made me smile.

"I told Coach Hoke the day before the barbeque (at Michigan) that I wanted to commit and he just grabbed me, jumped up, swung me around and started screaming. It was quite a moment."


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As for Bleacher Report, the narrow exceptions around here tend to be the handful of writers there that actually can write knowledgeably or the odd video post, which...well, they got it from YouTube anyway and if it was Michigan-related, it was mere seconds from being posted by someone.

They do have a track record of conveniently not citing the work of others as well, and as I recall, this site has been a victim of that a few times, so there's that. Actually, I think that's where  majority of the disdain comes from - generally misguided journalistic behavior historically on their part. Lately, however, this - like the click-whoring - appears to be getting somewhat better. 


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"Bleacher" report, hence amateur fans. If you think about it, kind of a brilliant business model. You don't have to produce Shakespeare to be successful these days. In other words, don't get mad at those who produce the content.


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BR has one of the best business models on the internet.  They started by giving every wannabe a chance to say they write for a "national website."  Then they taught them classic SEO tricks that have somehow managed to survive the Google menagerie of "updates."  On sheer volume and tricks such as the endless clickthroughs that increased time spent on the website and thus told Google they were providing an "above-average user experience," they became ubiquitous on page one of google for almost any contemporary sports search.

Then they "cashed out" to the tune of $200 million courtesy of Time Warner.  Time Warner apparently hired professionals and have turned it into a hybrid of sorts.  The problem is that you can't tell the professionals from the fans.  

They are laughing all the way to the bank.


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It would have been better if the OP hadn't mentioned Bleacher report at all.  There is no such thing as bad publicity.  It is better to be reviled than ignored.


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I'm not in favor of that site and theres no chance that Speight does not redshirt, as it's a 100% guarantee he does redshirt. But, he looks damn good thus far. He throws a very nice ball. Next year could be a very interesting QB Battle


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Their writers are volunteers and don't have to have any knowledge.  I know this because I was a contributor for them for a few months back when I was in school (2008-2009ish) and ended up leaving because I didn't like how they operated.


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I like the site. Sure, it shouldn't be quoted or cited as valid facts, but I find the frequent articles on the team and recruiting interesting. They're more frequent than or accessible than pay walled or other sites.


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I've always thought Speight was the better long term option.  Not this year, but down the road.  Wilton is way too good to be sitting til Shane graduates.  


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They Report . . . You Deny


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Bleacher Report unreliable?!  They were spot on in talking about how Hoke would be fired and, according to inside sources, John (yes.....John) Harbaugh would become the next coach.  Almost as bad as the Freep.....