Rematch with Bama

Submitted by MaizeRage89 on September 6th, 2012 at 10:57 PM

Ok ay, so since we are only one game into the season and we only have 1 loss I am inclined to play the what if game....

Lets say Michigan wins out and only Bama is undefeated, do we deserve a rematch like Bama got against LSU? Better yet do we want to ever accept a rematch? Obviously yes if its for the MNC.

If we did get a rematch I would have to believe that our chances would have to greatly increase of us winning. 

I dunno I'm bored and thought this would add some good debate and its not impossible for this scenario to happen.

Well lets start by beating AF this weekend!!!!



*edit* What... too soon....too soon???

Sooooo I guess my 2 post ever was a complete failure. But hey sometimes you gotta learn the hard way! Maybe I should just start a Friday night drinking thread next time.



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If a B10 team were to go undefeated in conference and lose 1 game to the #2 (at the time) team, why would that B10 team not go to the NC game? The SEC did this in conference last year. Surely, a B10 team with 1 loss (to the #2, at the time), and an extra win in the championship team is worthy.

Now, I think this is unlikely, and M would get smoked again by Bama, but...


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The reason Bama got a rematch was because a) they lost in overtime the first time around, and b) there was only one other 1-loss team, OK State, who didn't have that great of a schedule and a bad loss to Iowa State.  

We already failed miserably at point a).  Had we taken Alabama down to the wire, like they did to LSU last year, this argument would hold some salt.  The other problem will be the other teams.  I have a feeling there will be more than one other 1-loss team this year (assuming we're one of them).  Somebody from the ACC, Big 12 or, very likely, Pac-12 will finish with one or fewer losses this year.  That team would get the bid over us, unless for some reason they got obliterated in their one loss of the year, which is just unlikely.  

One of Oregon and USC will be undefeated or 1-loss this year.  FSU/Clemson and Oklahoma/WVU have a really good shot as well, especially since the Big 12 doesn't have a championship game anymore. 

Point is, Rose Bowl is best case scenario now, which is still a pretty great case.  Let's roll with that as our ceiling.


September 7th, 2012 at 12:38 PM ^

towards the idea of traveling across the country for a virtual home game against Southern Cal or some other Pac-12 school in UCLA's stadium. It's silly and it's rigged against the B10. Only if we're playing for a national title is the Rose Bowl a great end to the season.


September 7th, 2012 at 2:04 AM ^

Didn't Oklahoma  lose their last game of the season by 28 points to a #15ish kansas state, and remain #1 above a one loss USC team? Maybe it would have been different if it had caused a rematch, but if that can happen, you never know. That said lets get win 1 first


September 7th, 2012 at 7:32 AM ^

WVU is gonna get pounded by the elite teams of the Big 12. Three losses minimum for WVU in conference. Beating up on Marshall and Big East teams is one thing, but Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and, to a lesser degree, Texas are a whole other ballgame.

NYC Blue

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First, not to be dismissive:

1. Sure, I would love to see us go 11-1

2. If we did we would in no way deserve a rematch with Bama for the MNC unless there were no other undefeated or 1 loss teams (that seems pretty unlikely)

3. Of course we would not and should not turn down a bowl berth and should never turn down competition as "too tough"

4. I would not, and I can't imagine that anyone else would, look forward to such a game as I think there is little doubt of us getting crushed again.

Now to be dismissive:




September 7th, 2012 at 1:51 AM ^

We'll be ok again, if all things go as planned and we experience minimum long-term injuries, etc. Excellent recruiting from the years 2011 through 2014 should place MI back to the level it was at prior to the last few years of the Carr regime.  I don't think a lot of M fans realize to what extent the team had fallen in terms of overall roster size, lose of continuity in terms of replacing departed upperclassmen with those of similar experience, etc. Depending on who's doing the counting, our defense carried all of between 21 and 27 players where the ideal number is just about double that, around 45-46.  Most fans, I think, realize what shape the offense was in in terms of both talent and experience.  It was rebuilding like we haven't seen here in roughly two decades. Considering that, and the outstanding job Hoke and staff have done in securing players for the next three years - something also unprecedented at UM and a feat that should secure him a lifetime contract, we could be, as stated above, back to what we've all come to expect by 2014, even though our QB will more than likely only be entering his second season.

So the future is bright, but we've got a few more bumps in the road, as was evidenced by anyone residing on this planet this past Saturday. The inarguable advantage enjoyed by the SEC in terms of acquiring their roster spots places a few of their programs into a position that is tantamount to being Triple A farm teams for the NFL and a few others, merely because they can and are encouraged take advantage of strategies that other leagues, most notable the BIG simply cannot, nor do I think the majority want to engage in. I can't think of any school in conference that would take great ride in hiring the top offensive player at the college level and his defensive counterpart for one semester for the sole purpose of bringing home a crystal football.

Along with UM, OSU will be fine and be able to play with these schools in the not too distant future. USC, OU, ORE and a few others as well. But after that, I simply can't see the other schools in the major conferences being able to field teams to match the talent level of the upper tier in the SEC. USC and OSU have already proven they are fine with adapting similar acquisition policies and after they serve their respective probationary periods, should be doing buisness as usual.

Given the above and the fact nothing is going to change this very real competitive advantage for the elite of the game, I think most M fans would be fine with playing them again in a couple of years, but to do so prior to then would be, as has been borne out on the field of play, an exercise in futility and who the hell in their right mind would want to witness another ass whipping like that when such  a scenario is not a probability, but a virtual guarantee?  


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I don't know why some of you are cowering behind your computer screens about the SEC...Besides Bama and LSU, i fear no other team in the SEC, i know its only been 1 game but the conference did not look dominant as a whole...Can you really tell me we would get killed by Florida or Auburn ? I believe games against the 2nd tier such as Arkansas and SCAR would be very competitive...


September 7th, 2012 at 3:19 AM ^

Just get one win first! Seeing as we looked so damn out classed. I for one think Air Force is gonna give us a run for our money for 3 quarters. Maybe start to fade at the end though. Gardner is going to have a huge game this weekend


September 7th, 2012 at 5:51 AM ^

the only thing worse than getting rejected by that hot girl.... is getting rejected twice.


i'd be curious to see us in the re-match, but it may be a tough one to recover from if it is a re-peat. no moral victories.

Buck Killer

September 7th, 2012 at 6:55 AM ^

Did you watch the game. We have zero chances of winning out. If we do win out it will be because the big ten is a total joke, which it is getting close to, thanks Delaney. We have to keep recruiting at a high level, and get an OC if Borges doesn't wake up. I believe Ohio will be back up top (ugh). We need bowl playoffs locally, and to recruit like the SEC is allowed to do. Elite kids want to play where they have a shot at a title, and not a big ten title. Hell no is my answer, which makes me want to cry.

Perkis-Size Me

September 7th, 2012 at 7:49 AM ^

Yeah we're not winning out. Our depth is nowhere close to where it needs to be in order for us to do that.

Even if we did win out, we'd have no chance against Bama in a rematch. Did you watch the game on Saturday at all? We were completely dominated on both lines of scrimmage, and when you can't establish yourself there, you have zero chance to win. Lacy and Yeldon could run at will, and McCarron had all the time in the world to make his throws. But what bothered me, and I'm sure Hoke and Mattison the most, was that we were completely out-physicaled. Our guys were getting thrown around like rag dolls all night.

I'd like a rematch in another 3-4 years, when i think we will be a bigger and much, much more physical team, but now, we just need to lick our wounds and accept the fact that Bama's talent base is on another level, likely on another planet.