Regents approve scoreboards

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Per twitter, new HD scoreboards!


RT @davebrandonad: Want High Def quick? Regents just approved new scoreboards for Michigan Stadium, Crisler and Yost for next season!
...and there was much rejoicing.



January 20th, 2011 at 5:39 PM ^ release:

Jan. 20, 2011

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The University of Michigan Board of Regents voted unanimously Thursday (Jan. 20) to install new high-definition (HD) video scoreboards at Michigan Stadium, Crisler Arena and Yost Ice Arena. The boards will be installed at each venue prior to the 2011-12 season.

"We are excited about the conversion to HD and the installation of LED boards at our three biggest venues," said U-M athletic director Dave Brandon. "These new boards will provide our fans with the opportunity for enhanced and crystal-clear viewing of not only the event, but of replays, announcements and other fun ways to create game day excitement."

Due to the construction at Crisler Arena, the Michigan Sports Television Production Studio, which manages and controls the video boards, will be relocated to Michigan Stadium until the arena is completed in 2012-13. The athletic department will convert to high-definition equipment with the installation of the new video boards.

The estimated cost of the project is $20 million. The athletic department will be funding the project through internal resources.

Media Contact: David Ablauf (734) 763-4423


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on the scoreboards will, I hope, include some wins and great performances in Big Ten play.

That would really be nice.

I could care less about what the scoreboards look like, it's all about the content for me.


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...Dave Brandon on the football scoreboards:

 Dave Brandon on Mich Stadium scoreboards: "They're 40 percent larger than the scoreboards that we have now."
 Brandon on Mich Stadium boards: "Actual image is fundamentally the entire surface. Right now, one-third of the scoreboard is for video."


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Yea but if right now the screen only covers 1/3 of the scoreboard, and they're getting 40% larger, and more of it will be covered by the screen, then it will really be like getting 300-400% larger screens.