Refs in this sport are a disgrace

Submitted by UMxWolverines on March 19th, 2017 at 1:07 PM

We might complain about big ten football refs, but my god. Refs in college basketball continually just make shit up as they go or what looks like a foul. Truely the most poorly officiated sport and this whole tournament has been a disgrace. 



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I'm sick of it.  Rafftery saying we need to overcome it.  WHY!??? Why do we needto overcome the incompetence of officials.  It's garbage.


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I agree. It's not just this game. If you've watched the other games, it's just all around pathetic. If it's a close game, the refs dictate who wins by their terrible calls.


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The officiating ruins so many games, so many times the ending comes down to a bad call with 1:30 left and then the team that is down has to start Fouling and it goes unnoticed that the bad call is what changed everything, I mean what is the best ending of the tourney so far? And rebounding fouls are completely made up, so inconsistent and then the best players are on the bench with foul trouble, so frustrating!


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Possibly worse than those bad calls giving them 4 points is getting Wagner and Walton their 2nd personal fouls. They are one whistle away from sitting 10 or so minutes in the second


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That 8-0 run was comprised of a prayer 3 ball where we played great defense, a nice Wilson drive where he got tripped with no call and they hit a three off it in transition. Then the absolutely blown call on the wagner cleanest steal of the tournament.  In what world is that Beileins fault because he took Walton out?


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Most of the 8-0 run was just terrible officiating.  First, Walton stripped the ball clean and they called a foul  So that's one free point.  Then Wagner had a clean steal and was going in for a dunk when they called the bullshit foul on him.  So that's 2 more free points they gave Louisville plus 2 they took away from us.

8-0 run should have been a relatively normal 5-2 sequence. 



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I thought I saw the most egregious example of poor officiating when a goal at the World Cup was seen by close to a billion people (live and on TV) and not awarded ( but that foul against Wagner was amazingly poor - all ball and not any effect on the Louisville player.

While MLB may have excellent refs, professionalism by itself may not be the only issue - the World Cup refs are all pros and have referred at the highest level. In a big tourney with the type of camera coverage there is today, it could be a fast 10 second call or overrule.

steve sharik

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Not to go all anti-B1G reffing conspiracy here, but all the unbiased comments on ESPN and CBS are talking about how bad the officiating has been against us this game and the NW and Wisc. games yesterday. At what point is this no longer coincidence? Have the refs been instructed to call it tight against certain teams to justify the committee's seeding hack job?


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are the reason that I don't watch much basketball. I rarely watch a UM road game in the B1G season because it just pisses me off. It is a given that if you play an ACC Blue blood you will get consistently fucked by the officials. Tobacco money has ruled this sport for decades.


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It might not matter in the end, if we don't start getting stops and rebounds. But yes, a couple HORRENDOUS calls. They're anticipating fouls instead of actually seeing them.

The Man Down T…

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or some other famous WWE wrestler to run onto the court and start piledriving the refs.  Hell, if you're going to call the game like a WWE matchup, might as well have a cool twist


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few weeks ago and we were talking about the change in the game since he retired.

Then he says, "One this is the same - the officials are still awful."

It was a great, gruff one-liner. And true.


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This is when Beilein drives me insane.  No great coach would ever stand by and let this shit happen.  Pick up a technical and be done with it.  It is what Coach K would do.  Shit flows down the path of least resistance and that is always Michigan. 


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There is zero guarantee that getting called for a technical will "fire up" your team.  Ask Chris Collins how that worked out for him.  Before that tech, even with the bogus non-call on the goaltend, Northwestern still had a chance to win.  Instead, he gets the tech and Gonzaga widens their advantage and hangs on.

Using that to gripe about Beilein is plain weak.


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And I will still believe college basketball refs are the worst in sports and it isn't even close. I have been yelling about this for years. I'm convinced they don't show replays of dicey calls because it would bring too much negative attention. It is so fucking frustrating. It ruins the purity of the college game which is otherwise a more enjoyable experience than the NBA.