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Nice piece on Charles. He was definitely someone I really looked up to as a kid, and as he progressed through his professional life, his GREATNESS was apparent. 

One of the greatest of all time, and one of my favorites. 

"Charles Woodson was magic. My favorite trick wasn't exclusively his but he did it better than anyone I've ever known: He made skeptical men supremely happy."




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Any word on his plans going forward.  Dude is a man with a plan.  I'm sure he's got some big things in the works post NFL life.  


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They are right about one thing: he was almost magical in his ability.

He just never failed to make a play his junior year.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone that simply didn't belong on the same field as other college players as Charles Woodson. He just made other GREAT players look stupid.

I think Chris Floyd may be the most underrated Michigan player of all time, but its hard to argue against Woodson as the greatest (obviously mitigated by the fact that I only started watching Michigan play in 1977ish).


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"Charles Woodson Cabernet: So Smooth, it will Catch you off Guard!"


FYI, there are at least three football alliterations in there...


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Woodson made himself into a legend because he questioned himself. He had coasted on gifts to that point -- his athleticism, his toughness, his brashness -- and, finally, at the first moment he had any reason to feel humility, he had the presence of mind to embrace it.

Everything that Woodson brought to the game - not just his own game - will be missed by the NFL as much as they've been missed at Michigan since he left. There are very few players at any level who were able to make even the presumed best look average - Woodson was able to do that, he was that far above so many. 

I know he has his vineyard among other ventures, but it would be interesting to see him perhaps do a little work as a pregame commentator or something along those lines and hear his post-playing perspective on games.


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This was a tough read. I had a lot of similar experiences with my grandpa who passed away in September as well - the Sunday after the Utah game, actually. He loved Michigan football and Kentucky basketball (born in Appalachia, moved to GR) so watching Michigan finally get back to being Michigan was a great way to spend my first football season without him.


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I saw his last high school game in Cleveland where Fremont Ross lost to Massillon Washington in the state playoffs.  He was amazing.  The Massillon fans taunted both Charles and his teammates mercilessly as they came off the filed (the Freemont locker room was on the Massillon side of the field).  Kids had tears in their eyes and looked up in astonishment.  Charles gave them a double bird.  I had attended the game rooting for Massillon but was so ashamed of the behavor I witnessed that I wrote a letter apologizing to the Fremont coach.  Knowing little about Mr. Woodson at the time, I ended the letter with something like "if he continues to keep his head on straight, he will go far."  Little did I know.  And he did.  Both as a person and as a player.

what would Bo do

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My grandfather lost his health to leukemia when I was young.  Instead of teaching me how to hunt and fish like he had planned, we talked about sports.  I remember him telling me stories of Bo and the Bad Boy Pistons and the Tigers teams that won the World Series.  The only games he absolutely refused to miss were Michigan football games and Red Wings playoff games.  He died in May of 97 and before he died, my uncle would tape the Red Wings playoff games and I would go over there after school and watch the previous nights games with my uncle and Grandfather since he couldn't stay up long enough to watch the games the nights they aired.

I'm probably the most pragmatic and least spiritual person you will ever meet, but even I refuse to believe my grandpa didn't have something to do with the sporting world of the next 14 months.  Michigan won a National Title and Wings won 2 Stanley Cups; I refuse to call that coincidence.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors, Chuck.  You're a true Michigan Man and will never be forgotten. 

rob f

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on the magic of Charles.

The generational relationships described by the author really touched home, as it reminded me so much of the relationship I had with my grandfather when I was a kid and young man, and of the friendship I've had for the past few years with the just-departed grandfather of my daughter's fiancee.

Both my grandpa (been missing him now for 32 years) and "Pops" (who just passed away early this morning [F*** cancer!] ) were huge Detroit Tigers fans.  Both derived great joy from following their beloved Tigers teams, both had favorite players on those teams, and with both, some of my most cherished memories of times shared involved attending, watching, or listening to Tigers games with them.  

Sports is such an awesome thing when it comes to bonding and relationships.  But when Charles is added to the eqauation, the magic is made even more powerful. 

Thanks, OP, for posting and providing the link to that piece.



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we all looked uo to Woodson in some way. He was a larger than life player who always seemed to make the big play. I am glad that he grew up and focused on the things he needed to; it paid off with a certain Hall of Fame induction.