Rees, Calabrese arrested

Submitted by go16blue on May 3rd, 2012 at 6:42 AM
They were at a party on campus when police showed up. Rees is arrested for resisting law inforcement, minor consumption, public intoxication, and battery to law inforcement, one of which is a felony. Calabrese was released from jail already, but Reese remains behind bars. Story: This is unconfirmed at this point, but I heard from someone who was there that the police arrived and asked that the music be turned down. Rees then went up to one and kicked him without provocation. He was then maced and arrested.



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So it should be safe to assume that Reese will get something similar.  If he does get punished it means he wansn't usefull to Kelly and he is trying to prove a point.  I am guessing he will do the what is good for him and not the right thing.  Funny how this works at a religious institution which should be held at a higher standard.


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If Kelly's head almost explodes after an INT, what is this going to do? Here's your shot Gunner.
[edit] Reese turns 21 May 22nd. Couldn't just wait a bit longer? Way to go pulling a 'Floyd'. Just pack your shit and move back to the dorms now


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...because he made it this far without a problem. Why would he suddenly be like "oh hey, it's almost my birthday, imma take the next few weeks off from partying even though I've had no problems thus far in my collegiate career. You know, just in case."


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Spare us the "holier than thou", please. The point is, as a 19 year old myself, I can recognize the difference between drinking and having fun, and assaulting a police officer because you're just downright irresponsible.


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which is a good thing for us. Brian Kelly is reportedly still skeptical about Golson starting due to some attitude issues, inconsistency, and a lack of understanding of the playbook. That last bit is why they played the spring game with no play clock. Golson doesn't have the ability to get the plays off on time yet.


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From r/cfb:

"He [Rees] was at a party of my friends off campus. Cops came to warn them to turn down the music. Tommy goes up to a cop and kicks him. Not warranted at all. None of them were getting arrested, and he kicked them. Then some other cop comes up to him and maces him."


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If the few details in the story are true, he is indeed a complete idiot.  As the linked story notes, classes ended Wednesday.  What it didn't say, is that final exams are next week.  He should be out on bond by then anyway, but it's not quite like the semester is completely over at ND.

There's a sports radio host here in Oklahoma who played QB at OSU (ntosu) who is a bit of a hot head. He said when he was still in school, he always partied with at least a few of his O-linemen.  They protected him from opposing players on the field and protected him from himself off the field by pulling his ass back from confrontations when he got drunk or stupid.  It sounds like Rees could have used an O-lineman or two to do the same thing for him. 

I wonder if his face turned purple as he was kicking the cop.