Rees, Calabrese arrested

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They were at a party on campus when police showed up. Rees is arrested for resisting law inforcement, minor consumption, public intoxication, and battery to law inforcement, one of which is a felony. Calabrese was released from jail already, but Reese remains behind bars. Story: This is unconfirmed at this point, but I heard from someone who was there that the police arrived and asked that the music be turned down. Rees then went up to one and kicked him without provocation. He was then maced and arrested.



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Res Life will boot him.  They suspended Kyle McAlarney for an entire year when he was caught with weed.  I realize Michael Floyd didn't get booted, but Tommy Rees is not Michael Floyd.


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Look at Kellys track record - he let a guy who killed someone at CMU back on his team (Jerry Seymour). Rees isn't going anywhere.

Edit: Seymour eventually ended up leaving the CMU team to "get away from the situation."…


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Calabrese didn't really do anything. Rees just instigated it by kicking the officer. IMO Rees will miss all of spring practices, knocking out of the QB competition. Probably will miss some games to but it won't even matter since he won't be starting. Btw Floyd missed all of spring practices and some summer workouts. Floyd changed. Ask NFL scouts if they think he has character issues now. They'll all say no.

LSA Aught One

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1.  Use "A" when the following word begins with a consonant sound.  Use "An" when the word begins with a vowel sound.  For example, "You are an idiot for calling Tommy Rees 'a idiot'."

2.  I'm pretty sure that spring practice is over since they already had their spring game

3.  If the felony sticks, I doubt he needs to worry about missing practice because he will likely still be in jail when school starts again



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As I was reading this, it looked like a typical incident where the police/PA/DA charge someone with everything they can think of as part of leveraging the plea bargaining process in the court's favor.  The story says Rees "tried to run off and hit an officer in the process of being caught."  This can mean anything from bumping into the officer to actually hitting him.  

If he actually kicked an officer, unprovoked, he should be kicked off of the team.  I don't know whether to believe that he did, though, until more facts are available.  It's difficult for me to believe that he is stupid or arrogant enough to actually kick a police officer for no reason.  I'm sure more facts will come out.  It would be nice to see the police report.

In totally unrelated news, I hear that a school up in EL is looking for ex-QB's convicted of felonies to convert into linebackers.  


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They have already updated the story on ESPN and are starting to change the wording around.  It now says "Trent says when the officer caught up with Rees, the 19-year-old raised his knee into the officer and they both fell in a scuffle."  Still hard to tell if it was intentional just from that, but I'd imagine its a downgrade from what could have been "wound up and punched him in the gut".  The fact that they are trying to decide whether there will be formal charges or not mean even if he does it charged, it will most likely be downgraded to DC.


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From EDSBS, some pretty excellent jokes:


  • He ran 99 yards to hit someone, and then mysteriously punched someone else at the 100th yard.
  • In booking his file was incomplete.
  • The fight started during a late-night bakery run when a friend pointed to the turnovers and said, "Hey, Tommy--"
  • A friend playing guitar asked him for a pick, because he's usually got a few on him.
  • Became enraged at Dunkin' Donuts when asked to choose half a dozen and told to "pick six."
  • Attempted to run, but was brought down by a policeman and a one-star MAC linebacker with a torn meniscus in his right knee.
  • Still in line for two Heismans by Beano Cook's count.
  • Reminded of low number of conversions in important matchup against heathen Native Americans by goading priests.


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And now time to queue ND fans saying:

1) completely different than the Michael Floyd situation because even though he got arrested 3 times, he didn't assault a police officer, and Rees should get booted

2) this is a good thing because now Rees can't be the starter, allowing a RS Freshman who hasn't been able to find the field yet be the starter. And he will obviously be the answer over a third year starting upperclassman. BK really needed his hand forced because he clearly can't see that anybody but Rees should be starting as BK obviously doesn't know anything about successful college QBs in his system.


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I came here to make a joke but I think they've all been made...

Did they make him back up fifteen yards for roughing the officer? Not great, but I showed up late to the party.


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Maybe I'm the only one, but I see this getting lowered to a disorderly conduct in a pleading deal.  IF he's the starter, he won't miss a game. 


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Even more helpful would be some links to irish schadenfruede over the incident.  we can rip on him all we want on here but it would so much more entertaining to watch irish do ti themselves.


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he assaulted an officer without provocation, he should be charged.  Otherwise, this entire incident is the result of unjust laws and/or inappropriate police force.  He's an adult with adult responsibilities - including paying taxes and dying for his country.  So he should be afforded the same right to drink a legal beverage as every other adult.  Nobody (even the arresting police officers and our lawmakers) actually follows the absurd, immoral and unconstitutional drinking age laws.


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Hilarious words from the ND 247 board:

"Do you honestly think he actually assaulted an officer? I don't. This sounds eerily similar to the incident that led to 41 ND students being detained and arrested after the MSU game a few years ago. Alot of headlines, but no one was ever charged with anything. The reason...alot of SB and Indiana State police misconduct in the way they handled the situation!!!!!!

It's unfortunately true in this country...we give guns and badges to alot of people we shouldn't."