Reece Davis is ESPN Jesus

Submitted by Brodie on September 4th, 2009 at 9:50 PM

I may be the only one watching the Tulsa-Tulane halftime show, but Reece Davis just gave the best take on RichRod in ESPN history.



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I just posted this. That was awesome...

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Since you posted at the same time, but this got the comments, I'll just repost your thread info here as it's still an excellent description:

For those not watching ESPN at the moment, Rece Davis just told Rodriguez haters in Ann Arbor/Wolverine Nation to chill and let Coach Rodriguez to do his job and win--which he most assuredly will do.

He compared it to Alabama waiting for the right "Alabama Man" to run the show until they found the right "Man" to do it in Saban.

Wow, did not see this coming from the worldwide leader...


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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. He really summed it up well. Although, for a second, I was afraid he was going to suggest that we should trade coaches with Alabama with the whole very similar schools but with different accents joke.


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someone finally telling the michigan alumni to just get over themselves. and thats what they need. They havent listened to Leach so maybe they'll listen to espn. one can only hope


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That was an interesting little take on it, and a surprising one for somebody that is a Michigan outsider. I liked his take, and I agree with it. Sometimes the old alumni just need to give people a chance, and not worry about things so much. Just let it happen. Who knows, maybe it will work out for the best. I think it will.


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I saw this too, I'm really pleased that this viewpoint is gathering momentum.

It's a shame more people probably aren't watching Tulsa at Tulane.


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Nick Saban coached at Michigan St, and was a coach for Toledo (Ohio), and then coached at LSU (Les Miles) and is supposedly the Alabama guy now.

It just seemed weird to mention Saban with all the connections he has since we had RR.

Oh, Saban set the spring attendance record which motivated RR to break the record next year! Yes, the current record is now held by some school in Ohio.


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I'm going to upbang Rece. Thank you for saying that. Holy cow, it needed to be said but whats more is that it needs to be heard by UM faithful ... especially the down in fronters (DIFers)


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The part about Alabama being unwilling go accept anyone until Saban was perfect. If RR starts winning, not only will all the naysayers go quiet most of them will pretend he is their best buddy.


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they should all go and fuck themselves. The vast majority of them wouldn't recognize a real "Michigan Man" if he punched them in the nuts.


September 5th, 2009 at 12:53 AM ^

Go ahead and drive RR out of town with an assist from Ann Arbor Torch & Pitchfork. And add Bill Martin to the pile, too, since he hired RR.

Next, move Lloyd Carr into the AD's spot. After all, that's the guy you've been pining for, right? You really miss his fireside readings of Kipling, and that's understandable; it's a rare thing for a head football coach to be so cultured. And then Lloyd can do what he wanted to do all along, which was to hire Mike Debord as head coach. That undoubtedly would be the best thing for Michigan.


September 5th, 2009 at 11:02 AM ^

I hope he has a day job because that Davis dude's never gonna make it on the air.

Seriously, it was very nice to hear. Nothing we haven't heard on this blog, but a lot of people seem oblivious to the message. Then again, nobody else seems to remember that Bo didn't have any ties to Michigan when he was hired.