Reddit Poll reveals most hated CFB teams

Submitted by SBo on February 25th, 2016 at 10:45 PM
Sorry for the B/R link, but it provides both the infograph and numbers.…

We're third with 9.2 percent of all votes. OSU has 11.4 percent and Bama 9.4. We are the most hated team in Ohio, Indiana, and North Dakota (?). EDIT: it appears Maryland as well, although it's hard to tell. Too damn small.



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OSU and Alabama are hated because they win, look at OSU's record over the last FOUR YEARS, 50-4 !!
It's no surprise nobody outside of Ohio likes them, they beat everybody's ass. Same holds true for Bama, 4 National Champs in half a decade.
Michigan on the other hand is a bit puzzling. It's certainly not because UM wins, look at the last 4-5 years, UM's record isn't any better than Northwesterns. I'm betting UM is in the top 3 because of the disgust folks have for the low integrity and narcissistic Head coach Crazy Jim. It's pretty bad that folks hate you so much because your coach is such a embarresment. I'm sure UM fans would prefer it was because the football team was so dominate. To bad it isn't.

Everyone Murders

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I think the problem is that the poll is like the electoral college.  I suspect Notre Dame would be rated much higher in the popular vote (both positive and negative) than state-by-state.

So it works on its own level - state-by-state hate.  But it's not good at capturing overall hate.

Most interesting to me is that Georgia is self-hating.  Take a drive down I-75 and you see more UGA window stickers and decals than all other schools combined.  Why the self-hate GA? 

GA Tech could be the answer, since UGA hate is divided amongst FL, GA Tech and Tennessee.  GA Tech is unilaterally focused on UGA. 


February 25th, 2016 at 11:23 PM ^

With all the alumni from various Big Ten universities in Chicago and NYC, the fact that OSU is the most disliked in Illinois and New York is probably a good indicator they're the overall most hated school in the conference. Not that that'd be even remotely surprising.


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There is absolutely no reason, no reason whatsover, for anyone not Cahollic not voting ND among the top ten most hated programs. Hell, I know recovering Catholics that show no hesitation for placing those bastahds where they belong. I can not even begin to list their transgressions because I have to be asleep prior to the next whistle, signaling the last train coming through this evening.  All I can recall is my buddy saying something to the effect, Hey that might be one peyote too many. I believe I asked if he were willing to help me find out. I don't know if his absence is due to doing one peyote too many or he was not willing to stick around to help me find out. Fricking Catholic bastahd. 


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Good point. I don't think it's fake, but it's just a reddit poll. I wouldn't think reddit is terribly representative of a general football audience. 5,000 also doesn't seem like that many people. I'm sure some states voted a lot more than others, but if you distribute it evenly that's only 100 people per state. That could easily be skewed by a group of friends or something voting all for one team.